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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Kristen Leanne
The Girl With The Eagle Tattoo

Tattooed alt.model Kristen Leanne gets NAKED to show off her kinky ink. Full sexy pictures from her Bizarre covershoot.

Kristen Leanne bizarre pictures

I became addicted to expressing myself through my tattoos. I’m not one of those people who thinks hard about a tattoo – I get an idea and makes an appointment the same day.
Ruffling her hair as she slinks onto the cushions, inked minx Kristen Leanne arches her back and shows Bizarre her stunning tatt of an eagle clutching an hourglass with an all-seeing eye at the bottom.

“Eagles are strong, fierce, beautiful birds,” she explains. “Mine represents time flying, because I live life to the fullest and have one hell of a time. I'm just sad that when I die, my awesome art will die with me.”

Hotter than a flaming phoenix, with delicious ink and a hint of craziness, 22-year-old rising alt.model Kristen is sexy and tough. “My back tatt – which isn't finished as the lightening bolts on my shoulders will eventually be coloured lime green and the hourglass coloured gold – has taken 30 hours so far,” she reveals.

My butt cheeks hurt most, but after a few inking sessions I learned that bringing good vodka with me was the trick – as long as I had a friend to pick up my drunk, bleeding, swollen ass!

We'd be the first to offer our services, but Kristen hasn't always been treated with care, and her life-long passion for ink is inspired by trials in her difficult life.


Born in San Diego, USA, Kristen had a hard time growing up in a “strict Christian home” there with her father and stepmother. An outsider at school, she was bullied and became a self-professed teenage rebel. “A girl pushed me too far at school and I kinda beat the shit out of her,” she recalls. “I got arrested, and then ran away to my Mum in Oregon.”

Shortly afterwards, Kristen ended up in juvenile detention for the “first and only time” – though she refuses to reveal why – and she credits her rebellious adolescence for giving her the independence and determination to succeed.

“My parents thought I’d never amount to anything,” she says. “But they’re proud of me now, doing everything on my own. I never saw a cent of their money and it made me a strong, independent person. I knew that if I fucked up in those days, no-one was going to be there to help me. I had to be my own safety net.”

To mark her individuality, Kristen got her first ink at Effum Tattoo, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “They're the ones on my wrist that read ‘love’ and ‘lust’," she explains. "I became addicted to expressing myself through my tattoos. I’m not one of those people who thinks hard about a tattoo – I get an idea and makes an appointment the same day. I just get ’em done!”


This matter-of-fact attitude sums Kristen up – it’s a philosophy that not only fuelled her meteoric rise in the alt.modelling world but also enabled her to launch two businesses: Sideshow By The Sea, an online jewellery company featuring Kristen’s own designs, and Housewife To Sex Kitten, a modelling workshop for women of all ages and sizes.

“My friend Lisa Arreguin and I came up with the idea of Housewife To Sex Kitten on a road trip,” says Kristen. “We offer a day of pampering and a photoshoot to women who aren’t models. It’s all about making people feel amazing in the skin they’re in. The money isn’t the most fulfilling thing – it’s helping women feel beautiful and empowered.”

Kristen's business ethic also means she's an Alan Sugar-esque straight-talker, and her website reveals her maxim: “I eat. Breathe. Live. Speak. Think business. Let’s talk.”


All this hard-nosed business chat may give the impression we’re dealing with an iron-fisted ball-buster – and some of you may find that assumption sexy – but it'd be unfair: despite her entrepreneurial mind, Kristen has a softer side. “I’m actually a bit of an old soul, a homebody,” she says. “I’m kind of a loser!”

Most of her spare time is spent chilling with her partner of eight months. “He’s a fireman and I’ve never met anyone so perfect for me,” she purrs, “actually, it’s scary! Our sexual chemistry is like none other. If we didn’t have jobs we’d just have sex, eat, sleep, have sex, eat and have sex some more!

"I love taking advantage of him when he’s sleeping; it’s the best. He’s a heavy sleeper, so when he wakes up, I'm in the middle of playing with him and he can't say no. I also like schoolgirl or teacher role-play, having him ‘stay late after class’. I love going down on him when he’s driving or washing the dishes. It drives him nuts! I also have a thing for balls. I love playing with his balls. Sometimes not even sexually!”

It's hard to imagine Marcia Brady, say, having those kind of urges. Regardless, Kristen is clearly an alt.model and entrepreneur on the up – and she’s barely started.

“I have a plan for world domination,” she confesses, alarmingly. “Get both businesses booming. Be the first tattooed Guess model. Get a warehouse studio for my businesses. Launch a gorgeous Housewife To Sex Kitten clothing line. Buy a house. Have kids. Then teach them to take over the world.”



What if she had a male tattoo artist and how can he compose himself while tattooing her? How does one not become horny while seeing her nude?

By HanssenTheMighty on 3 June, 2011, 10:39pm


she looks fantastic and the same goes for that tattoo

By mika69 on 12 June, 2011, 5:57pm

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