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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Ruby True
Foxy lady!

Fetish model Ruby True goes feral for her kinky Bizarre cover shoot. Sexy pictures with the Fantastic Mrs. Fox!

Ruby True

I've been called a blowjob machine!
Clad in the scarlet fox outfit you see before you, super-vixen Ruby True shook her tail and pricked up her ears during a sexy dance routine for the lucky party animals at this year's German Fetish Ball in Hamburg.

“Gosh!” she gasps. “It was sooooo much fun! I did a kinda cutsie strip while on tiptoes to Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Foxy Lady’. Then, when I was down to my latex knickers, I burned my body with fire and ate the flames to Rob Zombie’s ‘Educated Horses’. I felt super-foxy, swinging my tail at the audience…”

If the 26-year-old minx from West Sussex looks familiar, that’s because her foxiness has clawed at Bizarre's loins since we featured her in 2009. Having twice made it to the final of our Search For A Cover Star Competition, Ruby last steamed up our pages in our scorching runners-up feature in October Bizarre 167, and we’ve been slavering like hounds on the hunt ever since.

Meanwhile, Ruby's excited to realise her 10-year ambition of gracing Bizarre's cover. “I’m ecstatic,” she purrs. “I can’t believe it!”


But Ruby isn’t easily ensnared, especially when she’s dancing, and when latex and lube are involved… “I love latex outfits and getting all lubey,” she winks, “It gives me instant sex appeal and confidence. But when I tried pole dancing while covered in slippery silicone, I crashed to the floor. Fail!"

Far from crashing and burning, Ruby’s career has taken off since she began modelling three years ago, and when she isn’t misting up camera lenses, the designer-cum-dancer spends her time creating snap-tastic outfits – such as the animal magic latex number she made for this shoot in collaboration with fantasy latex costumiers Obsidian Design.

Thinking like a vixen as well as moving like one, Ruby is a cunning creature who leaps around the world avoiding scrapes, and she even managed to give the slip to the mafia in Mongolia while travelling through the country in 2007.

“My friends and I found a strip club in the capital Ulan Bator, so obviously we headed there,” she chuckles. “After a fun night watching pole dancers and super-bendy women, we went to leave, but then one of my friends saw a huge Mongolian guy hitting a woman. My friend intervened while the rest of us were climbing into a taxi outside, but he didn’t realise that he was challenging a Mafia man! I saw the club door slam shut with him trapped inside, so I got out of the car and banged on the door. It opened just enough for my friend to run through the gap and jump into the taxi with the rest of us, and I screamed ‘drive!’ as members of Mongolian Mafia ran after us...”


With a powerful bite and steely eyes, Ruby has a fetish for having metal in her mouth, and her tongue is pierced four times. “I love having metal around my tongue and teeth, so I was sad when my braces were removed aged 18,” she sighs. “But I got tongue piercings as soon I turned 16 and I take great pleasure in freaking people out with them. One guy that I stuck my tongue out to shouted ‘blow job machine’ at me!”

But while Ruby didn’t get her mods to please chaps, she admits that they are an unexpected bonus, and we have no doubt that the gentleman she lures into her den leaves with bright eyes and a bushy tail. And if you’re anywhere near her lair, you’ll hear about it. “Vixens make loud screaming noises when they’re mating, and when I hear them from my bedroom I compete,” she giggles. “I’m vocal when I’m having sex – if you’re able to stay quiet then you’re either amazing or the sex is crap!”

Mrs Fox, you’re fantastic!


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