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Alt Girls: Cover Girls

Flex on legs!

Meet your new flexible friend, Zlata... HOT pictures of the world's sexiest, bendiest contortion girl

Zlata contortion queen pictures

I have a devoted fan who gets hugely turned-on by feet, and he sends me yummy lotions and potions for my toes, along with glamorous skyscraper heels


Zlata is the most perfect girlfriend material we’ve found since easy-clean real-feel vinyl was invented. She was born in Kazakstan, raised in Russia, and has spent the last 16 years living in Leipzig, Germany – so she has the most deliciously sexy accent imaginable.

She’s so into latex, spandex, catsuits and zentai costumes that she’s CEO of her own kinky clothing company, FETS-FASH.COM. And above all this, Zlata is a world-famous contortionist: this gal can literally bend over backwards to please you. Phew-eeee – Bizarre are smitten kittens!

But now that we’ve found our goddess, where the heck are we gonna take her on a date? For drinks, maybe? We’re sure the night would turn into a real bender…


Zlata’s mind-bending contortion talents were discovered when she was at kindergarten, aged four (she won’t reveal how old she is now – “My age is top secret!” she giggles, and we’re not going to try and twist her arm).

Her tutor was teaching the class how to do a ‘bridge’ during a P.E. session: a stretching position in which the body is lifted into an arch shape, face-up, with the hands and feet remaining on the floor. While the other tiddly toddlers wobbled inelegantly, willowy little Zlata pulled off the move perfectly.

“I think I was born with a naturally flexible spine,” she muses. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to do the splits both ways without any warm-up at all.”

That first bridge crossed over into the beginnings of an incredible career path. Zlata was immediately enrolled in intense gymnastics classes, and for a while coaches had her pegged to compete as a professional rhythmic gymnast, but she was simply TOO FLEXIBLE for the role. Olympic gymnasts need an element of rigidity and tension to their spines in order to hold moves precisely and cleanly, but Zlata was so bendy that she was considered ‘floppy’, which equals ‘sloppy’ when judges award scores for routines.

True to her elastic nature, though, Zlata bounced back from the disappointment: she gave up the idea of becoming a sportswoman and joined a circus school instead. There, she developed a ‘kauchuk’ contortion act. Loosely translated from Russian, the word means ‘rubber’… and Zlata quickly became notorious for being more rubbery than the Michelin Man’s used condoms.


Nowadays, flex symbol Zlata puts on kick-ass contortion shows all over the world. If you were lucky enough to attend the recent London Edge alternative fashion fair, or caught the saucy 2010 Erotica sex exhibition in the capital last winter, you would’ve seen her pull shapes that you’d never have thought impossible by any (ahem) stretch of the imagination.

“While I’m certainly blessed with inherent flexibility, I train hard in order to push myself to new extremes and develop gasp-inducing tricks designed to leave a lasting impression on my audiences,” Zlata smiles. “I don’t ever dislocate my joints though, because I think that looks ugly and strange as well as being dangerous. I like to make my acts graceful as well as shocking. I’m currently developing a very beautiful routine which will be soundtracked by Michael Bublé’s version of ‘Feeling Good’.”

One of Zlata’s most impressive stunts is called a ‘quad fold’. To perform it, she kneels down, bends completely backwards, and tucks her head under her legs so that her face is peering out from under her groin. She then threads her arms under her legs too, and flexes them backwards towards her knees.

“It’s impossible for me to contort myself into this pose without the help of an assistant, so I don’t tend to present it on stage,” she explains. “It looks stunning in photos though – pretty surreal!”


Despite being hotter than the Devil’s sphincter after an all-you-can-eat jalapeño buffet, Zlata prefers her stage shows to be artistic rather than titillating – although she admits that they often end up being inadvertently erotic. “I frequently see wives in the crowd angrily putting their hands over their husbands’ staring eyes!” she giggles. “I save the really sexy stuff for the photoshoots I do on my various websites, though.”


Our pliable princess heads up her own company, which runs a host of contortion-based fetish websites, ranging from the sweetly vanilla to the obscurely hardcore. She’s mates with a human origami army of other beautiful bendy ladies with whom she often poses for photos.

“My friend Natascha and I went to the beach a while ago to take some snaps of us playing Twister in the sunshine,’” she enthuses. “You should’ve seen the expressions on the faces of the guys sunbathing nearby. Their eyeballs nearly fell out of their heads when we started pulling our limbs into crazy angles!

Every week, Zlata shoots a brand new exclusive set of pictures for subscribers to her main site, Zlata.de. “I’ve been running Zlata.de for a decade, so that means I’ve bent and flexed for at least 520 separate sets of photographs, including some unusual scenarios,” she reveals.

“We filmed a video in which I was ‘buried alive’ and contorted to fit into a tiny grave dug in the ground! I once did an exhausting shoot lasting from 9am until 5am while completely covered in tiger-striped body paint, and I’ve also balanced with my legs flipped forward over my head while a live snake slithered across my body. The animal handler who owned the reptile told me that every snake has a different character, and that the one that was entwining itself around my limbs was docile and friendly, but I was still a bit scared. I didn’t hold that pose for long – not because my joints ached, but because I was concerned that the snake might get aggressive!”


Even though Zlata can easily kiss her own ass, she has legions of admirers worldwide who are begging to do it for her.

“I have the most lovely fans in the world!” she gushes. “Last week I got an autograph request from some Buddhist monks who live in a temple in Indonesia! I’m often sent shoes and clothes that enthusiasts want to see me wear while I’m contorted, and I also have a devoted fan who gets hugely turned-on by feet, and he sends me all sorts of yummy lotions and potions for my toes, along with glamorous skyscraper heels.


Zlata reckons her fans tend to be shy guys, though.

“I’m always bombarded with emails from men asking me to set them up with hyper-flexible girls for friendship or marriage, but a few years ago when a Russian contortionist friend of mine genuinely wanted me to help her find a nice man to date, all the gents got spooked and were too scared to get in contact,” she says, sadly. “My friend is beautiful – blond hair, pretty face, and very bendy – but I think for most of my male fans, the idea of being with a contortionist is just a daydream. It’s a favourite film they like to play in the cinema of their heads.”

For some reason, the only flick Bizarre can think of right now is Bend It Like Beckham… If Zlata were a sport, though, she wouldn’t be football, she’d be deep-sea diving: she wears skintight suits, she’ll make you soaking wet, and she’s likely to give you the bends.



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