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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Bianca Beauchamp
Bianca's new boobs!

Bizarre's most popular cover model, Bianca Beauchamp, is back. See pictures of the latex legend's new 32FF boobs!

Bianca Beauchamp bizarre magazine pictures

PHOTOS CREDIT: www.martinperreault.com

MORE OF BIANCA AT: www.biancabeauchamp.com

Bianca Beauchamp has appeared on the cover of Bizarre more times than any other model during its wretched 14-year history. That’s nine times, number fans – nine times! We last featured Bianca in April 2008 when she was oiled-up, stripped-down, and wrestling one of our other favourite alt.models, Aria Giovanni.

Now it’s time for a proper catch-up with the latex fetish queen, to find out what she’s been up to… and perv over some of her sexiest new pics, of course.


The last time you appeared in Bizarre was April 2008 – what have you been up to since then?

Wow, has it been three years already? Countless things have happened to me. Perhaps the most obvious thing is my new boobs. Yes, I got myself ‘boobalishised’ one more time, baby, and I’m loving it! I’m now the proud owner of 800cc silicone implants, which give me a 32FF figure. What can I say; tiny waist, big boobs… what’s not to like?

I’ve also appeared in number of magazines (including mainstream Canadian fashion mag Clin d’Oeil, and Italian latex fetish publication Alula), and had the opportunity to play a wicked version of Red Riding Hood when I became Crimson the deadly latex assassin in the Heroes Of The North web series, where I also got to stroke a real wolf! (Check out Heroesofthenorth.com to catch up on this supercharged rubber superhero fantasy.)

I also launched my own iPhone app, Bianca 360, which features fun photos of me in 360 degrees, and which helped finance the awesome King Camera photo app, also for the iPhone, which lets you enhance your iPhone photos quickly and easily. I’ve travelled around the world for fetish events, and I’ve recently been to Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, where I did a shoot in an amazing 10 storey-high natural waterfall in the jungle, and did my first bungee jump à la Lara Croft.

I’ve also been at the gym a lot, and dropped 15lb by running like an overdosed rabbit on the treadmill! I even ran a half marathon, and have recently got into river surfing here in Montreal – which involves trying not to drown in a river no-one else wants to swim in. Too much bacteria, they say. I dunno. I seem fine, no?

We’re glad to hear you’re on top of the world! What was your favourite Bizarre cover shoot?

What, choose just one out of the nine covers I did with Bizarre? Come on, let me do a top three! OK, number one would be the splosh cover (Bizarre 113), because my body is all oiled up on the cover in that tiny black latex bikini, and that’s yummy. The honey and cream were so much fun… and so messy! At the end of the photoshoot, I was all covered with stuff and even my butt crack got filled with custard!

The cover I did with Aria (Bizarre 135) is also way up there because we laughed so much when we were cat-fighting in the wrestling ring, and the cover is so dynamic. And I’m really proud of the rubber pony shoot for Bizarre 145, because there’s so much latex and it features a rare fetish.

Tell us about your most embarrassing moment as a latex goddess…

My ego is too big for me to get embarrassed! If I fall over, I just laugh. I can be a clumsy girl, especially when I’m wearing super-high heels! As long as my heels don’t poke out someone’s eye, I’m fine.

What’s been your most difficult photoshoot?

I hate being cold! The toughest shoots for me are when it’s freezing, like when I was in New Zealand – the waterfalls there are amazing, but so fucking icy! I felt like I had hypothermia, and I just wanted to lie down and die. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I pumped myself up, put my misery to one side, and modelled a red latex bikini. I even psyched myself up to do a second shoot in a see-through latex catsuit. Then I curled up for two days in a foetal position, trying to convince myself it had only been a bad dream.

What would be your fantasy photoshoot?

I’d love to do a shoot with the hottest fetish models. Martin (Perreault, Bianca’s husband and world-class photographer) wants to do a ‘Last Supper’ themed shoot with all of us, and I think it’d be kick-ass!

Wow, we’re getting a boner just thinking about it. Do you get recognised in the street much, or do you look completely different in ‘real life’?

People recognise me on the street. It’s happened to me in Las Vegas, Europe, Los Angeles and other places. I’ve appeared a lot in magazines around the world, and also in local publications over the past three years, so I get recognised over here in Montreal more than ever before, with strangers calling me by my first name. It always feels strange to me: it’s like I’m wearing my McDonald’s name-tag again!

Of the current crop of alternative models, which girls do you like best?

I think Mosh has the potential to become an acclaimed fetish/alternative model. Ophelia Overdose is talented too, and so sweet. Skin also proved she has what it takes with her great Bizarre cover (Bizarre 155).

What does the future hold for you?

Who knows? Ruling the world, perhaps? Mhua-ha-ha! I plan to continue modelling for as long as my fans are there to support my photography. Meanwhile, I’ll live life one day at a time. Ask me again in a year what things happened in my life – it’s always easier to talk about the past than the future. Kisses to all!

MORE BIANCA: If you can handle it, see more ultra-sexy pics of Bianca at www.Biancabeauchamp.com. Find out more about the King Camera iPhone app at Saycheezzz.com


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By apatans on 1 October, 2011, 2:33pm

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