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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Levy Tran

Pictures and videos of alt model Levy Tran, as she talks pizza, perversion and peeing in the shower!

levy tran bizarre cover shoot

Weeing on someone in the shower connects you to them!
Bizarre cover model Levy Tran is so hot that you could use her left boobie as a teppanyaki griddle, yet so cool that her right boobie could keep sushi fresh for three days. Get stuck in!

Levy (actually pronounced ‘La-vie’) is 28 years old, lives in California, and is inspired by her time working at a funeral home as an apprentice embalmer.

Hello, Levy! Tell us about yourself in just 30 seconds, starting from… NOW!

LEVY: My nickname is ‘Goldfish’ because I forget 85 per cent of the stories people tell me. I leave the toilet seat down. My socks rarely match. I always have pepper in my teeth, and flakes of croissant stuck in my hair.

Tell us about your latest tattoo.

LEVY: It’s an antique golden key, with a knotted ribbon and daisy flowers, on my left rib.When I stand in front of the mirror and look at it, I often find myself holding back tears. I’d rather not get into the story behind it, but I’m sure anyone who has been close to me over the past few years will figure it out.

You’ve made YouTube videos of yourself, talking about your tatts. Are you going to make more?

Yeah – I’m planning to use the videos like a casual semi-blog, where I’ll blab about everything and nothing, throw in a few tattoo stories, and maybe there will be some guest appearances from my mummy… ha-ha! My dream interviewees would be Miss Piggy, Nina Simone, and (American game- and talkshow host) Regis Philbin.

What would be your ideal breakfast in bed?

LEVY: Pizza, a mimosa cocktail made with freshly-squeezed orange juice and Champagne, and football on the TV. It would last all day.

What about your dream holiday?

LEVY: Anywhere where I can camp and trek. Two years ago, I went on an intense five-day trek to Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca site in Peru. I loved every moment of it.




Before you shuffle off this mortal coil and are embalmed as a beautiful corpse, what would you like to achieve?

LEVY: I’d love to learn how to play the drums and guitar, and perform a song in front of a live audience. I want to write a book, and then open a community bookstore called ‘Books And Crannies’. I’d like to own my own Playstation game console, and play videogames and eat yet more pizza for a week straight. In fact, I’d really like to enter an eating contest.

On a totally different note, what are your thoughts on weeing in the shower?

LEVY: I take it as a sign of endearment; a sentimental moment. It connects you to another individual. It’s as if the person is saying, “I trust you. You’re the only one that feels my true warmth.” Wait… Did you mean weeing in the shower when I’m by myself?!

See more of Levy at www.Facebook.com/Misslevytran and Saylevy.tumblr.com.

Follow Levy on Twitter @MissLevy




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By robeee on 7 April, 2012, 8:08am

Perfect! A very creative design and it reminds me about the very unique design like bianca dress. A lot of design are really good and beautiful. I want to try having tattoo soon but my friends said that tattoo is very painful so I'm scared to try it and it reminds me also about an interesting design of nyc jumpsuit.

By lianne on 17 October, 2012, 3:34am

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