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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Bianca Beauchamp
Latex Legend!

A collection of lusty, latex-clad pictures from Bianca's recent cover feature, as YOU readers ask her dirty questions!

Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault


VISIT: www.biancabeauchamp.com/

TWITTER: twitter.com/biancabeauchamp

Our readers interrogate Bianca Beauchamp. How do you think she did?

The last time I saw you in was October 2011 – what have you been up to since then? Jimmy Kester, via email

I finally got to do my homage to Lara Croft from – a sexy latex shoot I’ve been wanting to do for 10 years, but could never find the perfect scenery. So I took the bull by the horns, jumped on a plane, and flew my sexy French-Canadian latexed ass to the Fiji islands, where I made my dream come true.

I heard you’ve been spending a lot of time in Mexico recently. What did you get up to there?
Claire Coward, via email

I found the best exotic scenery Mexico can provide for photoshoots, while staying at the open-minded, flirtatious Desire Resort & Spa, where I can get naked and flaunt my best assets, or be a naughty brat and model sexy latex catsuits. Oh, and the mojitos are !

If you could have any two liquids come out of your own, or your partner's, nipples, what would they be? I'd have tea and Prosecco. My fiancé would have Jack Daniels Silver Select and gravy.
Lauren McIntyre, via Facebook

Definitely champagne, to get a classy party buzz! And Club Soda, to keep me partying longer.

What do you look for in a man? And are you single?
Chris ‘Beano’ Williams, via Facebook

I’m not into cocky men. I like a man who can be sexy, but still has a little cute clumsiness and shyness. Am I single? Oh, sure. for women! If you could have one wish, what would it be? Petunia Pan, via Facebook I’d love to be able to master languages in the world. At last I’d be able to figure out what the foreign ladies say about me when I go for my pedicure, and I could finally understand what the fight between my two Chihuahuas and my cat is all about.

Who’d win in a fight between The Hulk and Superman?
Ninjasaurus Rex, via Facebook

Definitely Superman because he’s an alien born with super powers that aren’t triggered by emotions, and can be used any time. It’s the opposite with The Hulk, who can only be powerful when he gets angry. If you think about it, anger isn’t the most reliable source of power. Trust me, I know all about it, as every day I have to work on taming my inner She-Hulk! But I’m sure plenty of you would love to see me ripping my clothes off.

How do you feel that fetish/cyberwear play into the postmodern ideas of hyper-reality and artifice? And if you could become a cyborg, would you?
Krstphrgeist Cleland, via Facebook

Being a latex lover myself, when I wear my second skin I do feel like I’ve transformed. And what makes you think I’m not a cyborg already? The real question is, am I a Terminatrix or a sexy Cylon?

Can I eat fish, chips and mushy peas out of your underwear?
Ryan Daly, via Facebook

Are we talking about brown showers? If we are, you should know that I only shit diamonds, and when I fart they smell like roses.

How would you rearrange the banking sector in the UK in a manner which does not compromise the principles of free trade economics and freedom to invest, versus the inevitable reality that the financial sector cannot be trusted to conduct business in an above board and legal manner without driving financial investment out of the country? Also, do you ever get back pain?
Leo Kindred, via Facebook

Your question is a real pain my in my arse right now! Ah, ah, ah!

Is there a photo shoot you wouldn't dream of doing?
Monty Purple Howe, via Facebook

Anything involving poop. That’s definitely a fetish of mine.

Where did I put the remote control for my TV? has just come on, and if I don't change the channel I'm going to have to swallow a live grenade.
Chris Power, via Facebook

I misplace objects all the time, and my sofa ate my TV remote a long time ago. I’m stuck on the Shopping Network. So it’s your time to suffer… KABOOM!

If it came down to it, who would you rather make out with – Slimer from or R2-D2
Blaise Elchuk, via Facebook

Slimer, hands down! Because he’s an infinite source of lube to keep that sexy encounter going all night!

Bianca, I love your figure, but I have small breasts. Do your massive puppies get in the way of regular day-to-day chores? Does it cause you problems sleeping? I love sleeping on my front…
Sophie Flowers, via Facebook

I really enjoy my voluptuous boobies. But, sure enough, push-ups at the gym are a no-go, and when I sleep on my belly it feels like two giant balloons are going to explode inside me. But judgmental stares from narrow-minded people tend to get in my way more than anything else.

Where do you get your latex catsuits made? I found an issue of in my husband’s things, and I'd like to surprise him with something he finds attractive. He works with a lot of beautiful women, and I’d like to make sure he doesn't forget what he has at home. Unfortunately, I cannot find anyone with a catsuit that fits me as I’m very petite.
Brittany Mir, via email

I’ve always been fond of the front-zipper catsuits made by Polymorphe, which allow me to flaunt my puppies, and the catsuits by H&W Design in ultra-thin latex are to die for! For sexy and fashionable latex outfits, I can also recommend Westward Bound. The web address you’ll need are Polymorphe.com, Hwdesign.at and Westwardbound.com.




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Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
  Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
  Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
  Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
  Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
  Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault
Bianca Beauchamp pictures Martin Perreault


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