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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Ruby True
Guns N' Sexy Poses!

SEXY PICTURES! Full cover shoot and interview with sexy vixen Ruby True. Dare you test her appetite for destruction?

Ruby True pictures

I'd run a zombie down with my car, then go crazy bitch on it with a stiletto heel!
PICTURES: GEMMA EDWARDS www.gemmaedwardsphoto.com

STYLING: Stephanie Wedge


SEE MORE OF RUBY AT www.RubyTrue.tumblr.com

Precious gem Ruby True last scorched the pages of Bizarre over a year ago, where she stalked around in a sexy fox costume. This time round we've turned the raunch dial to '11' on the raunch dial, as she transforms herself into self-proclaimed "metal warrior". Pull up a pew for a catch-up with the 27-year-old minx from West Sussex...

Hello Ruby True! It's been over a year since we last featured you in Bizarre. What have you been up to since?

Umm shooting, traveling, generally having fun with friends and models going to festivals. I performed a Black Swan routine and my Fox routine at the debut of Croatia's first fetish event Bestiarum in Zagreb. That was an awesome weekend in such a beautiful country. I've also been trying to work on the members section of my website, but to no avail. I am crap with techie stuff!

We were kinda hoping that you might be able to regal more encounters with Mongolian Mafia, like you did when we last spoke. Didn't one of your pals get in a scrap with some dodgy gangsters?

Nope stranely enough nothing like that has happened since, seeing that I haven't been back to Mongolia! I don't think they were the Mafia anyway, just some Mongolian henchmen dudes with some expensive taste. I think my friend only managed to get away because they couldn't really understand each other.

There's a bit of a rock theme going on in your new shoot. Are you a bit of a rock chick yourself? And have you got any crazy groupie tales, like camping out in someone's garden in a pair of latex knickers?

I hate the term 'rock chick', it makes me think of the shit they sell in Claire's Accessories and Avril Lagume (sic) or whatever her name is! I'm a metal warrior. RWWWAAAAR. Haha - that's just as bad! But yeah, I like metal and rock and most things surrounding that genre. But I don't have any groupie tales - I am not that sad that I would hang about and whore myself out just because a dude can play a guitar.

Saying that I used to exchange emails with Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard as he once saw me getting squashed in the mosh pit and approached me. He tried to get me backstage but I refused. That didn't stop him giving me his email address, though. He's a dirty one! This was before he married Tera Patrick and became a pornstar himself. Im going to go search my old Hotmail for them now!

Okay, well if you did have to follow a rockstar, who would it be?

Ummm DJ Ashba, who's the current Guns N' Roses guitarist. I had a chance to meet him backstage once, but because Axl Rose started the gig a hour or so late, as he always does, I had to leave early otherwise I had no other way of getting home! I hadn't really been bothered about Guns N' Roses once it became the 'Axl and Friends Band', at least that was until I spotted DJ...

Typical Axl, eh? How would you have seduced DJ?

I would just sort his eyeliner out a bit and tell him he's pretty and to stop being so emo. Can you tell I have never even tried seducing a guy? I am not much of a girly girl so seduction techniques are not a speciality. I normally just drink beer and become one of the lads and it takes a certain kind of guy to dig that I guess.

As well as the rock gear, you're also looking hot in Superman and Batman tees. If you could reinvent yourself as a superhero, what powers would you have?

I'd be Anti-Ignorance Girl. I'm sorry, but there are way too many ignorant people in the world, so I would go about slapping sense into them with kippers or maybe some of my old shoes.

Have you got any superhero porn fantasies? If so, please divulge.

No! Haha, that's just creepy as kids like those films. That said, I did find Thor kinda hot in the movie, you know, with the actor Chris Hemsworth with long hair and a beard... Purrrrrrr!!!

It's Halloween. Have you ever seen a ghost?

Um nope, I dunno, you can't see ghosts can you? There was this time I was spinning some clay pottery and I am sure someone was helping...

What's the scariest story you've ever heard?

I used to love all that scary story stuff as a kid but now I am not too bothered. But I have watched far too many zombie films, and whenever I am driving late at night down country roads I can actually see zombies. I also plan what I would do if a real zombie came out of the bushes and what type of zombie they would be.

So what would you do if a zombie came stumbling out of the bushes?

I am normally driving on the way home from a shoot when I imagine this, so I'd run it down with my car first, then get out and go crazy bitch on it with a stiletto heel in its eye to get to the brain. Duh!

Wouldn't it be wiser to just slam your foot on the pedal, and speed off home?

That would alert more zombies and lead them all to your house. Sorry, but you need to watch more zombie films and programmes.

Okay, thanks for the tip! Do you have any good Halloween stories of stuff that you've done, or has happened to you?

My friends and I once stole all the pumpkins out of a whole village. We then got shouted at by some dude and smashed a few of the pumpkins. The plan was to actually put them all on one person's doorstep...um, yeah, actually don't hang out in a village - its boring!

You've done underwater shoots in the past. Have you ever fantasised about having sex underwater, and what do you think that would be like?

I imagine it would depend on the depth and compression as to how excited you could get, and how much air you had in your tank. It would probably be very awkward and water is not a great lubricant!


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