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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Cervena Fox
Red hot scorcher!

Full cover shoot with self-confessed 'honey fetishist' Cervena Fox. Sexy pictures galore.!

Cervena Fox

Follow Cervena at whosthatfox.com and Facebook/cervenafox


Milk pics: Joseph O'Brien
Mohawk pics: Julian Kilsby
Cave girl: Chris Gomez

More ‘red’ than a Sunday tabloid, tastier than a strawberry milkshake, and fierier than a habanero chilli, striking redhead Cervena Fox is shaking up the alt.modelling world in style. Originally hailing from Milton Keynes, but now based in London, the inked temptress is a lifelong fan of and having twice gone so tantalisingly close in the Cover Star competitions for 2010 and 2011, we’ve decided to milk her sexiness for all its worth. Literally! So who fancies a mug of creamy calcium goodness…?


Well done, Cervena, your first cover shoot! First of all, let’s start with you how you got here. You were twice runner-up in our search for a cover star competition. How did it feel to come so close, yet so far away…?

I’m thrilled to have come this far and land myself a cover with you guys, it’s always been a dream of mine and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response I’ve had already. When I competed against the other girls it became clear that I still had lots to learn about myself, my body and modelling, so it was really a relief not to win. I don’t just think anyone can just be a pro at what they do, and every day is a learning curve. I have my idols and I have my dreams. And with these set in mind, I hope to reach as far as I can and make the most of my life being what I’ve always wanted to be. The girls who won were incredible and I knew from the minute that I met them who would win and should win. And I’ve become great friends with them, which is just like winning, as friendship is one of the most amazing things anyone can gain.

Can you talk about what you’ve been up to over the last year, and how it feels to finally be on the cover - and looking HOT?

I’ve spent the last year trying to get more confident with my body. I’ve always struggled to like my curves and ‘little titties’ but its now October and I’m getting to the point where I don’t mind anymore. I’ve considered getting surgery, and even had appointments but, for now, I’m happy just the way I am. I’ve also been travelling a lot and next year I’ll be going to Germany, Paris, Sweden and around America – so if you’re in those areas, please get in touch as I want to work with as many people as I can! With regards to the cover, when the time was right, I organised a shoot, and agreed that I was ready. How do I feel? Like the Cookie Monster on crack!

Judging by your shoot, you love milk. Or was this calcium richness forced on you in the name of …?

No, the milk idea was mine - I’ve always wanted to have a shoot with me pouring milk down my body and I figured that I should share that moment with you guys. I drink milk every night before bed and I’m obsessed with cats, so maybe I’m a crazy catlady? I once saw a girl pour milk in her mouth for a cat shoot years ago and have wanted to use milk ever since then, although I’ve done it in a sexier way.

You once told us your trademark pose was a 'cock in a hot tub'. This sounds eyewatering. Are you sure it's not some kind of S&M torture game?

No, no, no, but I wish it was. Ha! I used to work in a cocktail bar and while testing some shots, but I got really drunk and described the drink as being as good as cock - but hot! And that’s where the name came from. Then later, when I was doing yoga class, I pulled this pose which I decided to name ‘Cock In A Hot Tub’. It just made perfect sense…

You’ve been a big fan of for years. Have we ever managed to gross you out?

To be honest, I tend not to get too disgusted by the sick things as I know I to keep an open mind to read your pages. But the one thing I just can’t stand are the skin suspensions, what with the hooks piercing the flesh, and the person’s body being pulled up into the air by them. That just makes my skin crawl!

Have you ever been turned on by anything gross?

Not really, but my latest turn on was watching and having raging sex for five hours after.

We’ll put that down to Sean Bean’s gravelly mumbling. Just thinking about some of the fetishes we’ve covered in the past, if you had to choose between sticking a bicycle pump up your bum and pumping up your stomach so it was a nice round shape (inflation fetish), having insects crawl over your naked body (formicophilia) or changing an adult baby after they’ve just pooped, what would you choose…?

It would have to be the insects. I actually love insects as they are beautiful and amazing creatures, although I don’t like spiders and ‘mozzys’ (mosquitoes). I’m a ninja at killing them if they ever dare to invade my room.

Do you have any weird fetishes of your own?

I have a fetish for honey being used while my arms are strapped back. I’ve been a fan of this for a while now, actually. The funny thing is that I use my mum’s own homemade honey. It was a total fluke discovering that – I just wandered into my kitchen one time and that was the only thing in my cupboard that I felt would work during my playtime. How was it? It was a totally organic experience!

Have you been up to any other naughty things recently?

Yes, I’ve not been a very good girl this year. One of my naughtiest experiences was fucking on a pool table while everyone else was in the room next door. After finishing, our friends went to play some pool and questioned about this stain on one of the side pockets…

The old sinking the pink, eh? Steve Davis will be proud. You weren’t caught this time, but have you ever been caught getting up to mischief in the past?

I got caught giving a guy a handjob in a nightclub once. It was in a secret room, which is behind a curtain and only accessible to those know where the doors are. A security guard interrupted us before things got really heated. I just ran off and left the poor bastard to pull up his trousers and get escorted out, while I disappeared in the crowd giggling with my friends.

Do you get lots of attention on the streets from strangers?

Yes, and I like confusing them by deep-throating sausages and bananas to see how they react. A few weeks ago a guy was staring at me while I was on the tube. But instead of shouting at him to stop looking, I got my banana from my bag and ate it so seductively that he eventually lent forward, shook my hand and got off at the next stop without saying a word. It made my day!

If you got paid £1million to star in an even worse sequel to ‘2 girls 1 cup’ (the horrible poop-eating internet viral) would you do it?

Hell no, but I did scare my mates into thinking we did this once. A mate and I were dying our hair but my shower head broke and I only had one clean cup, so I jokingly put on Facebook ‘Alice and I only have one cup!’. It generated some very worried and disturbed comments.

What is your ultimate pointless trick?

I have very stretchy skin so when I pull horrible faces, I pull the faces. One of my latest successful pictures – not on the cover, of course - was me looking like an earthworm. Enough said!

Do you have any theories as to what vampires poop?

What has taught us? They shit gold dust.

Good answer, although I think we’re deviating from our initial line of enquiry here. Let’s get back to you. Finally, you’ve got lots of ink, and have graced the pages of many a tatts mag. When did you first get into body art, and what are your proudest pieces?

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. I wanted to be a tattoo artist and it was a bit weird/lucky for a girl to be welcomed into a studio as an artist back then. Now it’s more acceptable. I worked in a studio for two years but I felt that the business was too bitchy and stressful for me, so I decided to carry on getting all the art I craved and become an alt.model instead! My favourite piece is my fox on my right arm. He’s so beautiful and Bez from did an amazing job at making him exactly how I wanted.

Follow Cervena at whosthatfox.com and Facebook/cervenafox



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