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Alt Girls: Cover Girls

Shelly D'Inferno
Set you on fire!

Interview and sexy pictures with geek goddess Shelly D'Inferno. See her full Bizarre cover shoot and VIDEO here!

Shelly D'Inferno pictures

When I was little I touched myself while thinking about Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia

Photos: James Ellis aka CODEINE DREAM. Visit www.CodeineDream.com.dpg.cc

Hair and make-up: Shelly D'Inferno

Latex by Slaughter House Couture www.slaughterhousecouture.co.uk



There’s no two ways about this: Shelly d’Inferno rocks. Whether she’s sucking off night elves in World Of Warcraft, designing post-apocalyptic outfits for her clothing brand Heavenly Inferno, or drinking a pal’s wee from a lager can (!), she earns Bizarre’s ringing endorsement as one of the finest alt.specimens on this planet...

Let’s not beat around the, ahem, bush. First up: tell us one of your hottest sexual fantasies.

A recent one is to be painted with liquid latex and then have it peeled off. There’s something crazy good with peeling that stuff off… And you have to wear white contact lenses and have some moody weird lighting at the same time as well. It makes it seem like some kind of out of this world experience. Er, right…?

White contact lenses and liquid latex? From what sordid little place do you generate these brilliant ideas?

I get them from everything, even from having dinner. This one came from a zombie photoshoot, where my make-up was done with liquid latex. When it was time to pull it off, it just felt really nice (on the non-hairy areas), and made this really hot rubber sound.

What’s been your weirdest life moment so far?

When I was little, I touched myself while thinking about Jabba the Hut and Princess Leia. What the hell child?! It must have been because Leia’s his slave or something, but hell, I was confused but it was good! Okay, that’s pretty screwed up but we love it.

Do you still harbour some mad fantasy of being dominated by big blubbery mounds of male/alien flesh?

Nah, Jabba was a one-night stand. I’ve had other imaginary one-night stands that are quite strange. The imagination has no limit. Some dare to talk about it, others do not. Jabba was never the man for me, though. I like someone spiritually clever, active and adventurous who laughs a lot and will stay honest and loyal.

Shelly, we understand you have a history of running naked in the street. Please divulge.

This started in when my friends and I climbed onto our school’s roof to take a leak and we came up with the brilliant idea of running naked up there. We eventually ran naked across Stockholm’s biggest shopping-street at 4am one morning with only a scarf wrapped around our heads, and then hid in alleys before the police came. I was a very good and nice girl though, I never used to drink and had good grades, but our new hobby was just so funny!

Why do you not do this now? Bizarre would eagerly have a whip-round for you to take up this craze once more. Shelly d’Inferno – sponsored naked run! You could do it for charity…

Maybe I should take a picture reading my own interview while doing it? You could put it as a follow up in the “Where do you read yours section”! Let’s see how many requests I’ll get from you readers and I will consider.

Now there’s a challenge readers. Please write in. We beg you! You’re definitely an adrenaline junkie. As a keen urban explorer what’s the craziest place you’ve been to?

Once our group was inside this strange building that had all these weird tools and equipment, and rooms that looked scary, but which didn’t make any sense. Then we found these files in what must have been the office and discovered it was a cow slaughterhouse. I like urban exploring because of the adrenaline of being scared, but in many ways it’s a very stupid thing to do as so many things could go wrong.

If you could go urban exploring anywhere in the world where would it be?

Chernobyl would be interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that there are guided tours there now. I think it’s more interesting to go to a place where people have dwelled, like a concentration camp or a prison. That’d be a horrible but fascinating experience. I’d also hope to find some old recipe of a potion that could make you fly. That’d be sweet.

We were hoping you might say the Bizarre offices. No-one’s dared ventured under Tom Broadbent’s desk for several years. We’re not sure about potions, but you may find some festering flip-flops. Do you like ‘urban explorer’ type horror films like Chernobyl, The Descent, and, er, Urban Explorer?

Yes, and those films I usually find most scary, but they’re not as creepy as deep-sea creatures. So why do I do these things? Either I must be suicidal or I just have this yearning itch to understand those stupid people who always die in scary films because they just to go explore and “check out that noise”

Word on the grapevine is that you rummage through bins for food at music festivals. Can you confirm?

Oh yes, this is a Shelly classic! You can find some really good hot plates of food on the top of the bins, which are always full. I once found eight litres of Rubicon juice and a shitload of nice bread by having a glance into containers. I even convince my friends to have some. Anyway, you’re broke as fuck after buying festival tickets nowadays, so what the hell. I’m sure I’m not alone doing this. Anyone? Hello? No? Well, I like free stuff.

It says on the biography that you sent us that you’re a bit of a ‘tramp’. Is this what you were referring to?

Actually I prefer ‘pirate’ to ‘tramp’. I’m a loving pirate in the sense that I’m not scared or bothered by germs. I sit down on train floors. I drink cans of beer outside pubs so I don’t have to buy drinks inside. I go shopping in my old pyjama trousers and wear yesterday’s makeup. If I don’t have any smokes, I’ll pick them up from the street. Some people may see this as the behaviour of a gross tramp but to me it’s a level of freedom and it’s nice to not bother what others think all the time.

Do you steal leftover drinks in pubs? I’ve seen people puke into pint glasses before. That kinda practice could be quite dodgy.

Oh yes, I’ve seen people do that a lot. My friend once pissed in a beer can and drank it to spice up an after-party. I gave his trick a boost and drank some too! I might be a bit of a daredevil when it’s comes to sharing a good laugh and getting a loud “ew!” I’d love to hang out with the guys in Jackass.

If you haven’t already answered it, what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?

Haha damn, you guys seem very fascinated by my grossness. Don’t you think my beautiful cover picture will be a bit misleading for the horrid interview they’re going to find in here? For me, the grossest thing I’ve ever done was ingest meat. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was born and to me I see living creatures as friends and too similar to myself for me to see as food. I ate a soup that I found out had meat in it. That made me feel sick. In the words of Phoebe in Friends, “I don’t eat anything with a face” Or that has had one.

You’re a self-confessed World Of Warcraft (WoW) geek. We challenge you to convince us of your geekiness – tell us about all the characters you’ve created and all the things you’ve done.

I’m the kind of geek that spends most time questing/raiding for nice outfits, mounts and pets that will suit my characters. Once my mum and I sat in playing it the whole Christmas, and I piss myself with excitement whenever I see someone on the tube with a WoW keyring or something indicating that they’re a WoW gamer. I’ve dressed up as both a Succubus and a Voidwalker in public (that latter costume was epic). I have a mousepad with a print of my main character, a shirt with her name on it, several drawings... And I will howl the foulest words while having an adrenaline fit during a good PvP fight. To recognise a geek you could also just say the word “Warcraft” and they will talk nonstop for a couple of hours... (cough cough) Shit, I need to pace myself, here…

Er, I’m not sure I understood all that. You win. Have you ever seen those Warcraft ‘sex tapes’, and have you ever tried to do anything pervy in the game?

Yes, of course. I’ve gotten jiggy with a NPC night elf guard in Moonglade who just happened to look extra sexy while my own night elf shimmied past. He didn’t move much, but I danced dirty and instigated some oral sex. Haha! You do hear people talk dirty in taverns when they forget to use ‘whisper’, but you shouldn’t ruin their moment. You have to respect Warcraft characters like normal people. They have feelings too.

There’s a funny YouTube video where the singer from Cannibal Corpse is interviewed by a metal website and just goes off on one about Warcraft for about 10-mins. I’m not sure that’s actually a question, but just thought I’d add that in. Maybe you two could hook up?

You know, I think that’s exactly what I’ve just done – ramble on for 10-minutes that is! I think it’s very easy to get carried away on this subject. I’d hook him up with my undead priest, she’s single and into cannibalism.

VISIT: www.facebook.com/shellydinferno and www.Twitter.com/shellydinferno


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Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures
Shelly D'Inferno pictures


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