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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Amelia Nightmare

Full cover shoot and interview with our most colourful cover girl yet, the tattooed rockabilly princess and star of NY Ink, Amelia Nightmare

Amelia Nightmare pictures

I'm part unicorn. I hatched from a giant pink gumball in the sky

Demonpuff @ instagram

Everything about Amelia Nightmare is splashed in big colours. From her stupendous mane of funky hair and vibrant skin-ink, to her taste in confetti cake ice cream and wild imagination, conversing with the California-based princess is a bit like waking up in the wizard's Oz and discovering that ‘black and white’ was an unwanted concept that got eradicated in the 17th century, along with the bubonic plague, open-air sewers and two-ton lead chastity belts.

Adopted from Seoul in South Korea when she was just a baby, the former star of NY Ink has emerged from a glamorous world of rockabilly and classic hot rods to become an exciting young alt.model talent. But you know what her one true secret is? The real reason why she’s just a little bit crazy and a whole lot of magical? It’s because she’s actually part unicorn and hatched from a giant gumball in the sky. Now ain’t that just something…

Your website is called Amelia in Wonderland. If you could create your ultimate wonderland, what would it be like?

It would be like falling down a rabbit hole into an odd world of bright pastel colours, where everything is made of sugar, even the people! I guess it would be like a mix of Willy Wonka, Never Never Land, and A Nightmare Before Christmas. Basically, like walking into one of my dreams…labyrinths of beautiful madness.

Alice In Wonderland had a crazy dream. Can you tell us about a really fucked up dream you had recently?

I have this recurring dream where I’m standing on a beach, watching waves crash against the rocks. The waves keep getting bigger so I keep moving backwards, but my sister is also there, and she’s holding my two kittens. A huge wave catches her, so I jump in to save them. In the most recent one, I get them to shore but am then washed away myself. I always die at the end of this dream, either by drowning or by being eaten. Weird!

Er, we’d say that was less weird, and more sad. Big hugs from the Bizarre team. Any idea what this dream could mean?

Aw, hugs are always welcome! I figure it represents my fear of losing control in the hardships and challenges that I encounter. I wish I could figure out more specific details, but for now I just accept it for what it is.

Do you like analysing your dreams?

Yes, they’re a window to my subconscious. I don't always understand how my crazy mind works, so this helps me figure it out a bit more.

Do you ever have naughty dreams?

Surprisingly, not that many. But when I do, ohhhh man, they are awesome!

Your biography says you were part of the rockabilly scene. How did you get into that?

I’m in love with the culture: the classic hot rods, the stylish mega babes, and swanky rock ‘n’ roll music. It's fun to dress up and put your own twist on vintage styles. I also love swing dancing! My boyfriend plays upright bass and is this hot greaser guy. Some of my best friends are people I met through the scene.

Can you recommend some cool rockabilly/psychobilly bands for us and readers to check out?

I enjoy Dypsomaniaxe, who are a bad ass all-girl psychobilly band from England. Also Stray Cats, The Cramps, Reverend Horton Heat, Sharks, Little Richard, Mad Sin, and Torment. But I’m a music junkie and also love The Specials, Rancid, Led Zeppelin, The Misfits, The Devil Makes Three, NOFX, Sublime, The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. If I could shoot music into my veins with a hypodermic needle I would.

Does your guy have a huge rockabilly quiff?

No, my dude has a moderate to normal sized pompadour. I'm actually a very lucky girl because I’m with my dream guy: he plays upright bass, he swing dances, and he makes me laugh until I pee myself. We also skateboard together, smoke a lot of weed, and he's hot as hell! He certainly keeps my libido happy…

If you could ride in a time machine, would the 1950s be your ultimate stop-off?

That would be great, but I’d ultimately want to go back to the 17th century and eat cake with Marie Antoinette.

You were adopted from South Korea when you were four months old. Has your Korean heritage impacted you much as a person?

I was adopted by a family in California, but my Dad is originally from England. He moved to the States when he married my mom, who’s from Germany. My sister is their biological child. People often ask if I feel a difference between us, but my sister is my best friend, and I have never felt anything less. I have very little knowledge of my heritage culture. To be honest I'm more connected to my roots in England.

Has your adopted family inspired you in your life and career?

My family has always encouraged me to find what I love, do it well, to dream big, and be passionate. I'm so blessed that I came into a family who were so loving, accepting, and compassionate. They are my cheerleaders.

You said that your whole life has been pretty weird. What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?

That was being locked up and institutionalised in Utah by a bunch of crazy Mormons for three years. But I survived and came out a better person for it.

What the fuck? Care to divulge?

Let’s just put it this way, I was very difficult in my adolescent years. It got to the point where my parents felt they needed to keep me safe, so they sent me to a place in Utah. It was supposed to be a place for troubled kids but it prayed on desperate, vulnerable parents who didn't know what else to do. My parents had no clue what really went on there. It was like a sadistic cult, which programmed ridiculous shit into people’s heads. But even though it was a terrible experience, I without it, I wouldn't have the drive, determination that I have now. If I could survive that, I could do anything! I now appreciate every moment of freedom I have, it's so easily taken for granted.

You love biking and skateboarding. Have you ever had any nasty accidents?

Hell yes! I almost stopped skateboarding because of a nasty spill. I was bombing a hill and got speed wobbles down a construction site. I ate shit so hard and for so long, that it felt like I was tumbling down that damn hill forever! I’ve got some battle scars from it: a heart shaped welt on my knee and road rash all over my body. Awesome!

Are you easily grossed out? If so, what makes you squeamish?

I get grossed out by blood and gore, so don’t like horror movies. I also get grossed out when I hear the word ‘crusty’…

Really? Does that mean you’ve never been able to order a crusty roll in England? And what about the formidable Krusty the Clown in The Simpsons?

Bahahaha! I do love me some ‘crispy’ bread. I basically avoid saying ‘crusty’ if it's unnecessary. As for Krusty the Clown, he’s fine because I'm fascinated by clowns, especially odd, silly, sad, and even creepy ones. Anyone who needs to paint a smile on their face has to be a little ‘off’. That’s my kind of fella!

You starred on NY Ink. What was that like?

It was 13 hours of intense tattooing with no breaks and little food, but being on TV was pretty sweet. Although watching yourself back is like hearing yourself on the answering machine for your first time. It's weird because you realize how dorky you really are.

What were your most memorable moments from the show?

Seeing my bird tattoo get complete, because that tattoo was sick. And it also meant that the pain finally ended.

Tell us a big secret about yourself that you’ve never revealed before?

I'm part unicorn. I hatched from a giant pink gumball that fell out of the sky. Oh, and I also have an old, dirty, ripped up baby blanket that I sleep with every night named ‘Binkie’. I take it everywhere with me. My boyfriend and family have accepted it as a permanent extension of me. Is that a little too odd?

This is Bizarre, darling. There’s no such thing as ‘a little too odd’. Do you have any unusual fetishes?

I like to be tied up…

Oh yeah? Tell us more.

Oh boy, well I do like such things. I enjoy being the submissive one and like being bossed around a bit. But as long as I get a turn at being the boss too, I'm a happy lil’ girl!

Have you had any strange requests from fans?

Someone wanted to buy a pair of my dirty socks. Haha.

Did you sell them to him (or her)?

Well it was this guy who wrote me a message on my Facebook awhile back. He wanted a pair of my thigh high socks that I wore in a shoot, and he asked me not to wash them. I never responded, but that was mainly because I suck at writing back messages. Sometimes I have the memory of a goldfish.

Want more? Of course you do! VISIT:

Demonpuff @ instagram


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Amelia Nightmare pictures
  Amelia Nightmare pictures
  Amelia Nightmare pictures
Amelia Nightmare pictures
  Amelia Nightmare pictures
  Amelia Nightmare
Amelia Nightmare
  Amelia Nightmare
  Amelia Nightmare
Amelia Nightmare
  Amelia Nightmare pictures


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