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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Sabina Kelley

Our gallery of pin-up queen and newest Bizarre cover girl, Sabina Kelley

Sabina Kelley sexy shoot for Bizarre Magazine

Move over Dita, there's a new pin-up queen in town!

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Sabina! We love her, and we're sure you will too. Not only is she the possessor of the perfect fringe, the perfect body, and the perfect set of tattoos, but she also lives in a pink house in Las Vegas and is a burlesque star. We got to hang out at the bowling alley with her and her perfect pins. Here's our supersized Sabina gallery...

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Sabina Kelley’s life is like a 1940s movie. From child ballet dancer in smalltown America, via a stint as a showgirl in Las Vegas, to international pin-up model, shooting with the likes of David LaChapelle and Bunny Yeager.

She looks the leading lady too, from her blunt bleach-blonde fringe via her perfectly-arched eyebrows down to her tippy toes, which are usually ensconced in gravity-defying, sky-high heels.
Sabina has come from the sun-baked California retro rockabilly scene, where greaser boys pick up Bettie Page-a-like girlfriends in their hotrodded cars, and go to perfectly preserved 1950s diners to listen to authentic jive bands. Former alumni of this scene include Morrissey, who decamped to LA to revel in the retro fun, and the fabulous Dita Von Teese. And we think Sabina can go just as far as that particular raven-haired burlesque idol. Watch this girl go-go!

How did you get into modelling?
I was a showgirl in Jubilee at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas and I had to do a bunch of photoshoots for billboards and adverts. I realized I was really good at modelling, and I liked it a lot.

Who were your modelling or photographer idols?
My modelling idols are Bettie Page, Dita Von Teese, and Milla Jovavich. My photographer idols are David LaChapelle and Bunny Yeager.

How long have you been into the retro look?
I was a punk rock tomboy in high school but when I graduated from high school, I started to dress more like a lady, and was more into the retro and rockabilly and psychobilly style. That is when I really began to have the retro look everyday, and started collecting vintage lingerie and clothes.

Does that extend into your personal tastes? Do you listen to rockabilly music? Or is it just the look you like? Yes, it definitely extends into my personal tastes. My make-up, my lingerie, my clothes, my hair styles, the old cars I have, the rockabilly and psychobilly music I listen to, my high heels, my tattoos, and even the people that I'm attracted to. Being a pinup model is my life.

Do you ever cut loose and wear sweatpants and a hooded top, or are you superglamorous 24/7?

Yes, I love my sweatpants and hoodies, but you will only see me in that if I'm doing a shoot with you and I have to wear them so I don't have lines on me from my pants, or if I'm at the gym. I definitely will not wear them out and about. I'm not superglamourous 24/7, only when I go out. I wish I could be, but that means my personal stylist would have to move in with me. I have not reached that point yet.

Why do you think the pin-up look is still so popular?
It’s classy, sexy, and a wholesome look. Nothing compares to it. It's a timeless beauty. It shows that curves are good and that being a women is not just being supermodel skinny.

Are you ever tempted to break out of it and do an ultra modern shoot?
Yes, all the time. That's what keeps my job fun and interesting. Somehow the pinup in me always ends up in my shoots somehow though, even if I try to stay completely away from doing a pinup shoot. I love always trying something new and challenging myself, but pinup modeling is what I specialize in.

Do you feel like your part of a scene, if so what other models do you identify as part of that?
Yes, I do feel that I'm part of a scene. The pin-up, rockabilly, psychobilly, hot rod, and fetish groups of people are all kind of catorgorized in the same scene. Some of the other models in my scene that I identify with part of that are Dita Von Teese, Heidi VanHorne, and Kay O'Hara.

And are bands or film makers part of it too?
Bands definitely are, film-makers not as much. The scene is getting bigger though, so I'm sure tv and film makers will jump on the bandwagon soon.

How do you feel about Dita von Teese? Is she an inspiration, or are you fed up with being compared to her?!
I love Dita. I think she is amazing. She is definitely an inspiration. I'm honoured when I'm compared to her. I look up to Dita for her beauty and classiness, not to mention her incredible burlesque shows, and gorgeous pictures.

California seems to be a hotbed of rockabilly and retro scenes. Why do you think that is?
There are a lot of good rockabilly bands and singers from
there, and based here. I’m not sure why, though! A few of the bands on the California Rockabilly scene that are my favorites are Social Distortion and Big Sandy, and Devil Doll. There are so many good bands, but those three really stuck in my head. My three favorite burlesque dancers in California are Dita Von Teese, Mimi LeMeaux, and Kitten DeVille.

How was it shooting with Bunny Yeager, who created Bettie Page’s most iconic images?
Shooting with Bunny Yeager was a dream come true. That is probably the biggest thing that I could ever do in the Pin-up scene, is to shoot with her. She was a little difficult to work with at first, but we got along great and I learned a lot about the real pin-up models from the 50's.

And how was it shooting with David LaChapelle - it must have been very different to Bunny?
David LaChapelle is the most amazing photographer ever! I can't even begin to explain him, he is incredible. I can't compare David and Bunny their styles are totally opposite, they are both incredible for their times. Bunny was famous back in the 50's and David is famous now. I'm just so honoured that I have had the opportunity to work with the two photographers that I look up to the most.

I love the fact that you live in Las Vegas. Is it really as glamorous as we might imagine? What’s your house like?
I really like living in Las Vegas. Just about everything is open 24 hours a day. There’s always something to do, and everyone always wants to come visit you. Vegas is pretty glamourous, the lights and glitz make this town a lot of fun. It is like a Disneyland for adults! My house is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house and the inside of the house is painted twelve different colours. My bathroom is painted pink sparkles. My house is fun. It is themed tattoo style, 50's vintage, and Asian style. And my kids rooms are Transformers and Bratz. So, I have a lot of different themes going on in my house.

What does your burlesque act involve, and where can we see you?
It depends where I am performing and for who I am performing for. My acts are anywhere from a classic Sally Rand style fan dance to a demented zombie dance. You can see me perform all over the world. I post the upcoming shows on my website.

What advice would you give to an aspiring retro-glamour model?
If you want to model bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. Just find your own little niche and start taking amazing pictures and promoting yourself. Don’t copy someone else's style. Be true to yourself and keep moving forward, and never look back.

What have you got in the works?
Lots of good surprises. Hopefully a new pinup TV Show, I’m going to be in Playboy, my new website will be up, with an even better members site at www.SabinaKelley.com, my 2008 Calendar which is available on my site, and lots more surprises that I'm not gonna say!


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