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Aria Giovanni

Our stunning and sexy Aria Giovanni nude and lewd food shoot and interview. See her sploshing in beans, smothered in ham and sprayed in cola!

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Question: What lies behind Aria Giovanni’s glossy lips and glorious smile? Answer: The Great Aria Teeth. The model’s gleaming gnashers are currently poised as though they’re about to bite into an appetising hotdog.

So far today, Aria has chowed down on baked beans, been doused in Diet Coke, and had her waps wrapped in Parma ham. Her ass crack is sticky with sugar and her nips have been dipped in tomato ketchup.

She’s been daubed with globules of grease, saturated with salty fat and, in her own words, had “soda running into my cookie and fizzing in my private areas”. Surely this takes the biscuit as her messiest shoot ever?

“I’ve been modelling for 10 years this September, and the time I posed for foot fetish photos in a car mechanics’ bathroom still holds the record for the dirtiest job I’ve done. It was filthy in all the wrong ways,” Aria grimaces. “My toes were caked in black grime and other hideous garage toilet residues. Compared to that, Bizarre asking me to dribble bean juice down my boobs is a breeze, even if it does smell rank under the lights. And anyway, I like food.”


In fact, Aria’s first childhood memory is of pulling a stool over to the kitchen top so she could watch her Italian-Yugoslavian father cook in the family’s yellow two-storey house. She’d be fascinated by watching him prepare Chinese dishes or knead pizza dough that’d be baked the next day, after it had risen in the warm Los Angeles air.

When she got bored, she’d go outside and wander in their backyard orchard. “There were peaches growing there, and cherries, nectarines, apples…” she says. “My older sister and I used to climb into a fig tree and sit on the branches eating fruit until we were sick. We had a vegetable plot, too. Food is part of my heritage, and cookery is in my blood.”

Ms Giovanni is a feast for the eyes, but she can whip up a fine feast for the table to boot. “I find creating dishes and inventing recipes relaxing, and I love cooking for dinner parties,” she says. “I put on some classical music, pour myself a glass of wine, then set to work destroying the kitchen! I try to clean up as I go along, but I still end up with flour on the floor and spatters of sauce splashed somewhere near the ceiling. I’m well known for my sauces. I always add a little cayenne pepper to give them a bit of a kick”.


Aria was born on 11 November 1977. For her 30th birthday celebrations, she cooked a banquet for 50 people. “My menu included BBQ baby back ribs, asparagus, lemon chicken with mushrooms, and fruity cous cous. Yet I managed to have it all hot and served at the right times,” she beams.

Aria’s insistence on punctuality and the fact she chose to spend her special day baking and basting from 10am until 5pm reveals she’s a driven person.

On our shoot, she’s as bubbly as the fizzy drink we shake up all over her all-natural bijongas, dancing along to the radio and discussing the book she’s currently reading (The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar, about two Indian women from different castes, although her favourite genre is historical fiction).

Yet behind the goofing about and friendly chitchat is a consummate professional and scalpel-sharp businesswoman, who runs her own website, knows exactly how much her last piece of merchandise sold for via internet auction, and doesn’t own a TV because she doesn’t have time to watch it.

This is a lady who sleeps better in hotels than in her own bedroom. “I’m not at my own place frequently enough to call it ‘home’ – it’s just a base that I work from, where I do my laundry and pack my eye mask and ear plugs into my suitcase, ready to catch some rest at my next stop,” she says. “I’ve taught myself to pass out pretty much wherever I lie – although I do drool in my sleep if I’m truly exhausted!”


Aria is happier busy than bored, and doesn’t believe in doing something unless she’s giving it her all. As a schoolgirl she excelled in maths and science, and her dedication and brains meant she was bumped up a year in junior high. She was studying biochemistry at college and tutoring on the side when she fell into modelling as a means of supplementing her income.

Given that students are renowned for living off takeaways and Pot Noodles, was the young Aria whipping up posh canapés and carpaccio in her student digs?

“Sadly, no,” she guiltily admits. “I was actually addicted to a snack that I can’t describe without it sounding hideously phallic. It’s a kind of long, skinny stick of fatty meat, like a slender salami, but with less girth and more length! You have something similar in the UK called Peperami, but this stuff tastes more like beef jerky, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

When I’ve been boozing I still crave it – that and Mexican-style deep-fried pork skins, or pork scratchings. I’d been on the margaritas at my 30th and was dying for some – but I was happy to make do with the beautiful cake erotic photographer Holly Randall brought for me. I was pretty drunk so I can’t remember much about how it was decorated, apart from that the frosting was yellow…”

Aria doesn’t find it hard to swallow the fact she won’t be able to celebrate many more birthdays before some employers will think she’s too old.

In typical super-organised fashion, she’s already made plans for her post-modelling years: she wants to write a cookery book, and have “three to five” children. “I like the names Donovan and Matteo for a boy, and Luca for a girl. And I’m excited to see what my babies will look like; my mum’s blonde with blue eyes and pale skin, so my kids could be fair if I end up with a partner with light colouring. They could even be ginge! I could have little red-heads running round my dining table.”

Bizarre can’t wait to offer our compliments to the chef as soon as Aria has a bun in the oven. In the meantime, let’s enjoy these tasty photos – bon appetit!

See more Aria at freeones.com and www.ariaindex.com




is this the same aria from Hustler?

By ToxicLolita on 22 October, 2009, 7:39pm

amezing woman

i love u aria so much

By tetoshpy on 5 November, 2009, 12:20am


she is the meaning of beauty and sex

By tetoshpy on 13 November, 2009, 4:54pm

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