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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


April Flores

BBW model April Flores' exclusive, sexy pin-up shoot for Bizarre Magazine. Plus interview!

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It’s been a big year for April Flores. Last summer we put the LA adult star and model on the cover of Bizarre. We had a hunch you’d really like her. But even so, we were knocked sideways by your response. Overnight our mailboxes were stuffed to overflowing with emails asking for extra sexy pictures, wanting to know more about her, and gagging for another dollop of April action.

See video of April's shoot here!

She shot to the top of your lust lists. Girls, boys, and everyone in-between fell for La Flores. In part it was her body – her boobs and belly look creamy and lush and exotic next to the tanorexic stick clones staring dead-eyed from other magazines. But it was the personality, zest for life and genuine don’t-give-a-fuck attitude shining from her pictures that really seemed to bring you, our beloved readership, to its knees. A new cult icon and pin-up in the truest sense of the word had crash-landed like a bouncing bomb. Kaboom!

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And now, after a tumultuous headrush of a year, April’s back on the cover of Bizarre. And she’s yelping and laughing in delight, “Whaaaa?! I was your biggest-selling issue last year?! Oh my… I’m so happy!”

Speaking to April on the phone is like opening one of those laughing bags you get from joke shops, and holding it close to your ear. She’s a giggly, excitable, sweet sugar-rush of energy. And she’s trying to get us up to speed with all that’s happened since she was on the cover – not least appearing in Voluptuous Biker Babes, a ruder, lewder take on 1960s cult film director Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, all snarling babes in go-go outfits, tassels and feathers.

“Well where do I start?” she giggles, “Voluptuous Biker Babes screened in New York, Arizona and LA. That was exciting. I went to the LA premier at the New Beverly Cinema. The whole night was pretty surreal. It was the first time I’d ever seen myself on the big screen. There I was, up there having sex with a room full of people watching. It was like an out-of-body experience – I felt numb, but great at the same time.”

Voluptuous Biker Babes is the work of April’s husband and partner-in-grime, Carlos Batts and was shot in the same desert location as Meyer’s flick. Most importantly, it sets out a clear agenda for April in huge flickering neon letters – I Am A Cult Icon.

Was that always the plan? “In the beginning there wasn’t a plan,” says April. “I was just trying to take advantage of whatever came my way – the porn films and what have you. But lately, yeah, we’re trying to be really smart. I’m trying to make a statement. I want to mix sex and art and culture together and not just be ‘another porn star’.”

And, hell on high heels, April certainly isn’t just ‘another porn star’. She gleefully straddles the border of business and boobs. She makes mainstream porn films with the likes of Belladonna, while simultaneously carving out a niche for herself as a cult figure in her Carlos-directed trash classics.

She enjoys both sides of her work, but nurses a real affection for the more way-out stuff – “More make-up and more costumes is more fun!” she hoots. “More everything! More lashes! More glitter!”

Bigging up booty babes

As well as being a cult icon, April has become a spokesperson for fuller-figured girls. She says she didn’t set out to be a role model, but seems to have been adopted as one by her fans. “I speak out when something I hear or read strikes me as unfair,” she says. “I get a lot of support. The girls with more meat on their bones appreciate someone standing up for them.”

When a recent piece in US porn trade magazine AVN described big girls as “bovines” and “heifers” – and said that BBW (Big Beautiful Women) porn films allowed “those too embarrassed to actually be seen with fat chicks the opportunity to jerk off to them in the privacy of their homes” – April spoke out. She posted a blog articulating her dismay, and a Twitter update titled, “This fat girl’s pissed off.”

She was delighted at the tidal wave of support she received. “I didn’t expect such a strong reaction from people who clearly feel passionate about their body size,” she says. “I also got a big response from men who are dating or married to bigger girls who were also highly offended.

I did it to vent and to say ‘Hey, this isn’t cool’ but I didn’t expect to get such a reaction.” Support also came from others in the adult industry, “A lot of skinny girls wrote to me – Kimberley Kane supported me and wrote to them also, and I got a comment from Stoya saying ‘good for you.’”

April points out that by attacking big girls, the magazine was badmouthing all women. She says, “These days you can’t be so degrading to women and not expect people to call you on it.”

April finds it easy to reconcile her strong views on women’s rights with her job. “I enjoy showing off my sexuality,” she explains. “I love performing. I’m having fun, I’m in control, I’m exploring my sexuality, and I don’t see how that hurts anyone.”

Rough and ready

While we’re on the subject of hurting, April confides gleefully to us about her new sexual obsession. “I’ve just shot with (female porn director) Tristan Taormino for a movie in her Rough Sex series. And it was pretty rough!” she says. “Claire Adams (extreme bondage model and ‘rope slut’) dominated me for the whole scene, and she really took me to my limit. She was hitting and biting me. She used her Hitachi Magic Wand on me, which drove me crazy. Rrrrafff!”

April giggles at the memory. “But since it was with her and Tristan was directing, I felt completely safe. I was able to push myself and explore that whole side of me. If it’d been a male director, I’m not sure I’d have pushed myself as far as I did. But I learned that I really like crazy rough sex! Not all the time of course. But I feel that I grew as a performer and person because I was in such a safe environment.”

And she’ll be taking that lesson back with her into the bedroom. “I love feeling that extreme pain with pleasure. I’ve always had a little fascination with it, but I never thought I’d like it to the extent that I did on the shoot.”

Ever one to see the sunny side of every situation, April tells us that she was even a fan of the after effects of the intense domination session. “I had these big intense bruises on my legs and chest,” she says, “and since my skin is so light, they really showed up. I loved looking at them change every day.

They were like a souvenir from my scene. It was like body art or a tattoo, but not permanent. I loved my marks. My last bruise faded yesterday, and I was, like, ‘Awww, sad!’ I had this big bite mark bruise on my breast, and you should’ve seen the reactions of everyone at the airport the next day. They were like, ‘You dirty whore.’ I loved that!”

In-between photoshoots, appearing in rough-riding porn flicks and standing up for a whole community of big girls, April still finds time to do a stack more, including life modelling for fine artist Robert Vargas.

“I posed nude at his studio as a life model during a month where it was open to the public, so people wandered in and watched,” she says. “That was amazing – I’ve never been bare in front of so many people. It wasn’t like being naked on a movie set – it felt more like anything could happen. But I liked that. I got a rush out of it. Usually I like to drink if I go out, but that night I didn’t need to. I was so pumped on adrenaline.”

April also has a social conscience, and was recently co-host of the Masturbate-a-Thon, a benefit for The Centre For Sex And Culture in San Francisco. The event involved more than a hundred people happily wanking away while an audience of voyeurs watched. April gurgles, “It was amazing! There was such a group energy!”

Big ambition

The rest of April’s year is set to be as busy for her as the last 12 months have been, and her upcoming projects include launching a plus-sized clothing and lingerie line. “I’ve asked bigger girls what they want, and the response has been great – things like natural fabrics and so on,” she says. “For instance, in a thong, you need extra fabric in the pussy area as there’s more meat down there.”

She squeals as she suddenly remembers another project she’s working on. “Oh yeah! I’m working on a dance club track. At the moment I’m listening to a few different songs and writing lyrics for them. It’ll be a fun, empowering number with cool lyrics. I can’t sing, so I’ll be talking along with the music.”

April’s seizing the day and the night; and she can’t wait to get cracking. “I’m really happy and grateful for everything that’s happening and I’m enjoying every moment,” she says. “Life is short. My father passed away when he was 50 – so I know you have to make the best of everything.” She giggles again. “Right now, in 2009, fuck it – anything goes!”

More April at www.freeones.com
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Pretty woman!

Possibly the one most sexy looking woman with CURVES! I wish i had curves too! Sexy woman should be seen and she belongs in the limelight every bit! GO GIRL!

By Miss_Darkness on 5 November, 2009, 10:27am

More Is In!

I think women with 'a little more to love' are absolutely gorgeous!,but unfortunately in today's society it's still not accepted by all,I say to hell with 'em.You're a very beautiful woman.

By nx74205 on 23 July, 2010, 2:28pm


SHE IS SO AWESOME. HER VIDEOS ARE ALL GREATS Her model pics are always a treat. My wife and I adore her.

By skydive14 on 24 July, 2012, 8:59pm

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april flores bbw pics photos sexy adult pix free
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