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Alt Girls: Cover Girls


Scarlet Duggan - Schoolgirl

Japanese schoolgirl! Our sexy, far east-themed shoot sees Scarlet in the cutest latex outfit you ever did see! Plus interview!

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I’ve never been so covered in lube in my life,” laughs Scarlet Duggan, after today’s intense Far East-themed photoshoot. Other than being constantly oiled up, the red-hot Londoner has had to deal with groping tentacles, a realistic octopus sitting on her ladybits, and 12in heels. But it’s all in a day’s work for this half-Irish, half-Japanese geisha geek.

“Today was awesome, I loved it,” the 19-year-old declares. “It’s probably the best shoot I’ve ever done. There was so much life – I could really express myself. I usually do fashion shoots and they’re a bit more moody. People just want you to frown all the time.” Well, a frowning Scarlet just isn’t right – we think it’s much better to have her explore her inner octopus.

Scarlet moved around London like “a proper gypsy” when she was young and, at age five, she was scouted by a modelling agency. “My mum was like, ‘No way, you’re not allowed to be a model,’” she remembers. “And as soon as she said that, I had to do it.”

Ten years later Scarlet began her career, and she still has  a defiant streak. When her teacher told her she’d never get into the London College Of Fashion, she applied and was accepted. And she doesn’t even like fashion: “I’m good at making things with my hands so I thought it was a good idea,” she explains. “But I hate fashion – people are so up their arses, I’m not really interested in it. Apart from House Of Harlot – I might be doing an internship with them.” Florence Druart, the House Of Harlot designer who created today’s stunning costumes, looks on approvingly.

Despite being a self-confessed geek and a serious gadget-head, Scarlet admits she’s not really in touch with her Japanese heritage. The Irish half, however, is inked all over her body.

On her left shoulder sits the Duggan family crest, which is a crescent moon surrounded by stars. On her right leg is a tattoo of a drawing passed down from her Irish great-grandmother, replete with an O’Reilly artist signature. On her right hand is a small shamrock. “I was brought up by my Irish family and, although it doesn’t look like it on the outside, I’m a proper proud Paddy,” Scarlet says.

Next, she’s going to even the score by getting a traditional Japanese design on her head. “I’m a bit nervous because I know it’s going to hurt and people will have mixed reactions to me – but I’m just going to do it!”

Scarlet loves music, and played drums in a series of bands throughout her teens. She was a DJ at a local rock radio station – though she only lasted a fortnight in the job. “I was doing the breakfast show and kept swearing,” she giggles.

She’s also been approached to be in a pop group. “People have asked if I can sing and, if I can’t, if I’d be willing to mime. But I’m not going to sell-out like that... not for another few years, anyway!”

Now Scarlet’s giving 100 per cent to her modelling career, with the focused intensity of a samurai warrior. “I feel like a real model after today, getting amazing costumes fitted and working for Bizarre,” she says. “What I really want is to be on a billboard – that’d blow people’s minds!




tell yo mama 'n' yo papa, ahm a l'il skoolboi, too.
much luv to SCARLET!

By wayzata on 19 August, 2010, 3:39am


I recognize the tattoos, shes in that new 3D boobie book

By excitement_machine on 24 August, 2010, 3:27pm

circle game

is it just me or has she just got us all with the circle below the waist on the pic where she leanin over. good play

By mosha44 on 4 September, 2010, 1:40pm

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scarlet duggan schoolgirl hentai latex sexy japan model japanese
  scarlet duggan schoolgirl hentai latex sexy japan model japanese
  scarlet duggan schoolgirl hentai latex sexy japan model japanese
scarlet duggan schoolgirl hentai latex sexy japan model japanese
  scarlet duggan schoolgirl hentai latex sexy japan model japanese


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