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Alt Girls: Pin-Ups


Alt. Boys!

Here come the boys! Girls - it's what you asked for. Hot male flesh for you to drool over. Dive in!

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Caleb Shinobi, 26, Hawaii, USA
“I consider myself weird, and I’m OK with that! I once saw a girl take a full bottle of beer up her vagina, and then release it completely empty, which I thought was brilliant! I’m the proud owner of a Prince Albert piercing. Hot girls have been dominating Bizarre for too long – now it’s our turn!”

When we asked what you wanted to see in our Reader Issue, thousands of you asked for fresh, hot boys! So here you are. Our pick of the hottest male models in existence. Know different? Comment below or email us at bizarre@dennis.co.uk

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What an awesome idea !!!
How do I become one *to join up* ???

By NameTBC on 18 October, 2010, 3:32am

I agree

Needless to say I agree with TBC and want to know terms for being considered as an "Alt Boy"

By HonourableRev on 20 October, 2010, 12:13am


....so how do i get to become an alt. boy????

By mdmontoya88 on 22 October, 2010, 10:41pm

yeah so how does one become an "Alt boy"? you have pics and sign up but no sign up to do what the girls do? there are preachers that NEED this!! jk

By AMERICANBLOODLUST on 19 January, 2011, 4:54pm

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between: and
alt boy boys alternative models male sexy hot free

Mr Bitch, 22, Arizona, USA
“I’d describe myself as anal, sticky, fertile, Italian, paranoid – and a curious little monkey! I’m into music and my top bands are Danzig,Misfits and Gallows. I also love a cold beer and hanging out with my family. Some people like to role-play, and others are into poo-poo and pee-pee, but I just like boobs.”

  alt boy boys alternative models male sexy hot free

Flawed_By_Design, 22, Denver, Colorado
“I’m a corrections officer, a frequent club-goer, and a sexual deviant – that’s why I have ‘Breed to Death’ tattooed on my crotch! My weirdest moment so far was when I came to the realisation that giraffes are robots. What purpose would a real giraffe serve? There was also that time I walked in on my parents...”

  alt boy boys alternative models male sexy hot free

Rev Mitcz, 31, Hollywood, USA
“Let’s pretend I’m a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, and sautéed in an evil sauce. In reality, I’m a goofy comedian with a lust for dark imagery and gallows humor. We need more devoted male alt.models. Mainstream work is so fuckin’ monotonous. It says, ‘Oh, look at me! I’ve got perfect skin!’ I say, ‘Go get some scars, pussy.’”

alt boy boys alternative models male sexy hot free

Demondaz, 39, Kent
“My weirdest moment was seeing The Killing Fields in Cambodia, after eating an ‘extra happy’ pizza, which is apparently a local speciality. I run some pretty good vampire and steampunk events in London – good clubs with good music and good company really float my boat.”

  alt boy boys alternative models male sexy hot free

Markabre, 26, Essex
“I’m the most cunning cad to crawl from Caligari’s cabinet. As my moniker suggests, there’s a macabre influence to my look, but it’s the spit, sawdust and greasepaint of vaudeville, circus and carnival rather than clichéd graves and ravens. I want sex, fame and riches – and I want them now.”



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