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Alt Girls: Pin-Ups


Lupe Fuentes
is Super Pooosey!

The pint-sized pornstar who's crazy about sex and pizza. VIDEO AND PICTURES of Lupe Fuentes here!

Lupe Fuentes

I have the most dripping-wet orgies at my house already, so I wouldn’t be interested in a strip-o-gram jumping out of my cake, but more cash never hurts!
What do you get if you cross a Spanish papa, a Columbian momma, an insatiable sexual appetite, and a “pussy that explodes non-stop”? You get Lupe Fuentes, that’s what. This porn superstar’s teeny, tiny, 4ft 9in stature and youthful looks have earned her the nickname ‘Little Lupe’.

In fact, she looks so young in her early vids that one poor chap who bought a DVD was accused of possessing child pornography! Lovely Lupe flew to his trial in Puerto Rico to prove that she was an adult, and that the bloke was innocent. Phew!

But Lupe certainly isn’t innocent – she’s got one of the most deliciously dirty minds on the block. “If I could get together with a mad professor and invent a sex toy, I’d develop something small and sleek, but powerful, like me!” she reveals. “It’d be an orgasm gadget that nestled in your pants all day, licking and sucking your pussy.”

As girlfriend of Evan ‘Biohazard’ Seinfeld (who used to be married to Tera Patrick), Lupe also appreciates music. “I like everything from Kanye West to Metallica,” she tells us. “At the moment I’m enjoying a lot of fun, poppy hip hop, such as ‘Like A G6’ by Far East Movement.”

But she hated the group that appeared at the 2011 AVN porn awards last month, The Speaker Junkies. “People were walking out holding their ears,” she grimaces.

January also saw Lupe celebrate her 24th birthday. “My dream birthday cake would be half New York pizza, half amazing ice cream, so I could smear/drizzle it all over my body,” she grins. “It’d be delivered to me by one of the flying hamsters from an iPhone game I’m obsessed with, and when I cut it, it’d be full of money! I have the most dripping-wet orgies at my house already, so I wouldn’t be interested in a strip-o-gram jumping out of my cake, but more cash never hurts!”

Just don’t buy her a novel as a gift. “Books are for fat, unpopular people,” she says. “Beautiful, hot people are too busy partying to read!” Hmmmmm. We’re sure you could find plenty that’d interest you in Bizarre’s vast, ‘specialist’ library, Lupe…

Follow her adventures at ILOVELUPE.com and www.LupeBlog.com (WARNING: ADULT CONTENT!)



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