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Alt Girls: Pin-Ups


GodsGirls Sploshing
Splosh 'n' kecks!

GodsGirls.com models get wet'n'messy in our NAKED splosh shoot. Sexy pictures that weren't in the mag! 18+ ONLY.

bizarre magazine splosh pictures

F--k Kelis and the man from Del Monte – what these two chicks get up to with milkshakes and fruit juice blows the competition out of the water! They’re models from cult alt.porn and erotica site GodsGirls.com, and their names are Rosie and Lee.

Bizarre’s resident northern monkey, Foxy, says, “Mmm, if only they were pouring nice warm, strong cups of Rosie Lee all over themselves, too… Tea, plus tits, equals spaff! DD cups, plus teacups, equals yoinks!”

Want to try a spot of WAM (wet and messy) action yourself? HERE ARE OUR TOP TIPS:

l) Goo up with brandy sauce! The shops are full of leftovers from the festive period at knockdown prices. Buy 5-10 cheap cartons to get (in)decently mucky. It smells great, too!

2) Get in the gunge tank! You can buy packets of powder that you mix with water to make exactly the same ‘gunge’ as seen on kids’ TV programmes from Gungewarehouse.com. Each pack makes eight litres of goo, depending on how thick you want it to be, and costs from £4.50. Pro-sploshers also recommend an industrial powder thickener called Natrosol. Add children’s poster paints for colour.

3) Never splosh with wallpaper paste! It looks great, but contains chemicals that can irritate the skin.

4) Try wearing leggings! Fill them with as much golden syrup, warm porridge, cake mix or trifle as they’ll hold. Use bicycle clips to stop the gunk leaking all over your ankles!



1 Comment

All I can say is AWSOME!!!!!!!

By GOOCH on 7 February, 2011, 11:31pm

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