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Alt Girls: Pin-Ups


Xanthia Pink

The fetish model oils up her trotters and slides them into some lovely latex socks. New sexy pics from Christine Kessler...

latex sock fetish

Xanthia Pink is a fetish model who lives in Los Angeles. She loves latex fashion and is fashion obsessed with lip gloss! The buxom 27-year-old also runs a hair accessories company called Xanthia Pink Designs. See more at MySpace.com/afetishdoll

Christine is a fetish and erotic photographer who’s shot all the top girls for all the best publications. She’s passionate about what she does and juicily frank when she talks about it…

Christine says...
"All right, I know what you’re thinking. Only four instalments into The Fetish Fanatic series and the best this Kessler bird can do is socks? SOCKS?! Well, my skeptical friends, you’re going to have to trust me.

As soon as you’re able to tear your eyes away from model Xanthia’s enormous natural breasts, you’ll notice that she’s not sporting just any old footwear. Instead, her lovely tootsies are encased in shiny black rubber toe socks.

Before you pooh-pooh them, I’ll let you in on some privileged information: these bad boys are one of the best-kept fetish wardrobe secrets out there. Only a handful of the top fetish models in the biz have even heard of them.

So what’s the big deal about these mysterious little piggy holders? Imagine you’re a true hardcore rubberist. When you slide these heavy latex covers onto your feet, when you wiggle each of your toes into its snug corresponding pouch, when you wear them with your catsuit, and your gloves, and your hood, there’s no part of your body where skin touches skin except for your eyelids, and maybe your mouth – but if you’re a good, obedient rubber slave, you should be wearing a gag anyway.

I remember when fetish goddess and performer Emily Marilyn and I went to Oregon for my birthday a couple years ago. We were lounging around, chilling, when I happened to mention toe socks. Emily’s eyes grew wide with disbelief as I pulled a pair from my luggage. She snatched them from me, oiled up her tasty trotters and pushed them in, which allowed me to demonstrate another very good reason for owning socks with individual toes (and for getting pretty models to wear them for you): foot rubs. A little lubricant on the outside and you’re talking about one of the most sensual massages ever, for the receiver and the giver. Happy birthday to me!

I’ve got a few well-worn and very well-loved pairs of toe socks in my kink closet. I hesitate to part with this information because I like keeping it secret, but it’s too sensual not to share. There’s only one place you can get these babies, and that’s from my friends at Blackstyle.de. Tell them I sent you, then get your socks on and your rocks off!

Click on the Bizarre logo at MyFetishDiaryBlog.com for EXCLUSIVE free extras from Christine


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