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The Human Pony
How to train a human pony

Get hot to trot with your guide to kinky horseplay, courtesy of Rebecca Wilcox's brilliant new book The Human Pony. Pictures here!

The Human Pony book

**THE HUMAN PONY by Rebecca Wilcox, OUT NOW, published by Greenery Press!***


words: Ginger Beauty

photos: Greenery Press

It's time to saddle up! Pony play is the kinkiest type of role-play this side of a racecourse paddock and it's the most fun anyone can have in jodhpurs.

In this increasingly popular fetish, one partner trots up to play a pony, while the other grabs a whip to be the trainer. It's so hot that after getting Bianca Beauchamp to don a bridle for a horse and rider-themed cover (Bizarre 145) we decided to put together tips for you on how to get the most from your racy ride.

To help you back the right horse, we consulted Rebecca Wilcox's new book, The Human Pony, and composed a guide to turning a restless, young filly into a magnificent stallion. Giddy-up and gallop into the world of pony play...


· Basic horse tack, including bit, bridle, saddle, harness and reins.

· Lead line, which is a rope for controlling your pony from the ground.
· Whips to give commands.

· Bondage restraints for body control, discipline and a hot look.

· Spurs to give your pony cues on what to do.

· Blinkers to keep your pony focused on the path ahead.


Grooming brushes such as a scrubbing mitt, a plastic scrubbing brush, a facial brush, a finishing brush, a hoof pick or a sweat scraper.


Before you're ready to jump into the saddle and begin your journey as a pony or trainer, you have to find the right partner. Everyone has different goals. Some people may be interested in the kinky BDSM aspect of play, while others may identify with horses. The difference is important - a trainer may be keen to whip pony for pleasure, but if your pony identifies with the animal they might find the whip upsetting. Get the right partner to avoid disappointment.


By day you may be an accountant, with a Toyota in the drive and a mortgage. But if you're serious about horseplay then you must believe that you're the animal or its trainer. Brush up on horse knowledge to help you get into it. Don't just watch the Grand National, borrow books from your local library. Pony play always works best when both pony and trainer are committed to their roles.


Before the fun begins, get kitted out in suitable threads. It's important to look the part; good costumes will help you get into your role and express your desires. Fancy looking like a dominatrix crossed with equestrian star Pippa Funnell? Go for it. Want to climb into a furry costume or a bondage-inspired latex outfit with added hooves? Anything goes. You'll also need training equipment such as basic tack, which includes a bit, bridle, saddle, harness and reins. Check out our handy equipment box (previous page) to make sure you have everything you need. But remember, pony gear is essentially bondage equipment whether it's used for BDSM or not - so safety comes first.


Now you're ready to begin training. If your pony is in the right mental zone, it should be wild, restless and disobedient. You need to teach the pony to be 'in-hand', which means tethering it to yourself with reins or another form of bondage. You must establish your position as the 'dominant equine', by clearly indicating where they want your pony to go. Early lessons should also involve setting up voice commands such as 'halt' for stop and 'gallop' for sprint. It's probably best to avoid 'giddy-up', 'hi-ho silver' or 'ride 'em, cowboy!'


Some of the kinkier trainers out there will be licking their whips at the sound of the word 'discipline'. It's important that your pony is well behaved. After all, they're likely to react just like a real pony - running off, snuffling through rubbish bins or trying to hump other animals. The level of discipline used depends on pony and trainer. Some might need furious whip action while others could be turned off by it. Shouting yourself hoarse is counter-intuitive, so take a few sugar cubes, be patient and develop a reliable and consistent relationship with your pony.


Ponies, like humans, have personalities. Often the best way to use their individual traits is to train them into specialist roles. There are many possibilities. If your pony is strong and fit, it can be trained to be a carthorse - getting pulled to the shops by a human horse is a cheap and environmentally friendly mode of transport. If your pony is agile, graceful and beautiful, they could become a show pony at dressage events. You might be lucky enough to have one suitable for equestrian events, although you still can't enter them for the Olympics.


Regular grooming helps you develop an intimate pony/trainer relationship. To give your pony a thorough rubdown, you'll need a scrubbing mitt, scrubbing brushes and combs. Those designed for real horses work well on humans. For those into BDSM play, a hoof pick and sweat-scraper are fun tools to have lying around. Grooming is about using your imagination and it's the perfect way to unwind after a hard training session.


By now, you and your pony should be in an understanding, loving relationship. But ponies are sociable beasts who like meeting other ponies and trainers. Likewise, trainers want to show off their obedient steeds. It may be difficult to meet like-minded pony players but an internet search will help you find out what's available. If you struggle to find people, take author Wilcox's advice - do it yourself. For years she has been running events such as fox hunts and pony shows, which attract plenty of fun-loving participants. With a bit of commitment, both pony and trainer could develop a ranch of human equines.


· To maintain the fantasy, your pony mustn't talk, except in an emergency. A pony has plenty of ways it can communicate non-verbally and the trainer must pay attention to its cues.

· Plan your training and communicate your desires clearly and confidently.

· If the trainer is flustered the pony will be harder to control. Ponies go where their heads are turned, so use the reins or lead line to direct them. If necessary, the trainer can put their finger in the pony's mouth to steer it in the right direction.

· End on a good note. If the day's training has been disappointing for whatever reason - an unwilling pony or a confused trainer - find a way to end it on a high for both parties.


***THE HUMAN PONY by Rebecca Wilcox, OUT NOW!***



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How to train a pony
  How to train a pony
  How to train a pony
How to train a pony
  How to train a pony
  How to train a pony
How to train a pony


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