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Fetish: Fetish

Smell Fetishes
Stinky kinks and stench wenches

Bizarre explores the fetid world of foul smell fetishes, with pictures from the Queen Of Farts

Queen of Farts pictures

The Queen of Farts splays her fine arse...

PICTURES: www.QueenofFarts.com

When Luci Vaughn wants to indulge herself, she eats fast food for three days… and then holds in her poo for as long as she can. “This gives me really tasty, foul-smelling farts, and the building pressure of the gas in my intestines is such a turn-on,” she grins. “When I finally let go into a cute pair of knickers, the physical sensation of release and the grim olfactory storm always make me cum hard.”

Take a deep breath, readers. We’re about to delve into a putrid penchant that’ll make your nostril hairs curl: foul smell fetishes. Smell is a powerfully evocative and provocative sense, and many of us get a tingle in our frisky bits when we catch wind of a certain scent.

Some get the horn from particular perfumes, others from latex or lube, while plenty of people are turned on by the aroma of their partners’ hair and skin – even when their lover’s personal pong is pretty full-on, such as their body odour after a sweaty workout, or their musky muff or salty sausage after it’s been hotly stewing in underwear all day.

Sure, it might seem rancid to other people, but an extra-strong, pheromone-rich waft from your amour’s privates or pits can really get your juices flowing.

Yet there are folk out there who get moist over stenches far more disgusting than a bit of perspiration, such as eggy farts, bad breath, vomit, urine, congealing grease and more. Retching yet?


Fetishists like Luci revel in multiple foul scents. Luci’s a virgin. She hasn’t had penetrative sex, but that hasn’t stopped her experimenting with gaining sexual pleasure via smelling farts, vomit, rancid fat, urine and shit. “I’ve always been a scent-oriented person in every aspect of my life, and the right foul smells heighten the intensity of my orgasms to a degree that simple masturbation, oral sex or touching can’t compare to,” she explains.

Luci craves different scents according to her moods. She’s a transgirl – she was born a man, but dresses and identifies as a woman – and has a girlfriend, but she lives far away, so sometimes Luci gets “needy and kink-deprived” in her absence.

In this state, she craves the stench of trumps and poos produced by a meat-heavy diet.

“It’s overwhelming, intoxicating,” she gushes. But if she’s in a more sensual mood, she prefers the smell of excrement and methane produced after veggie-based meals, mixed with a few squirts of eau de toilette.

Luci also adores the smell of her lover’s regurgitated food, because she feels like it fosters closeness. “Vomit play is one of the most intimate kinks,” she claims. “To revel in the contents of your lover’s stomach, to smell the semi-digested matter that’s come from deep inside them – it can bring you as close to that person as it’s possible to be.”

But beyond intimacy, the rank smells of stale food and bodily fluids tap into Luci’s sleazier desires. Her fantasy is to be stripped naked, forced to her knees, and tied up in a straitjacket… on the floor of a grimy late-night chip shop.

“The smell of old burgers, chicken wings and fries would set my blood on fire and cover my nethers in pre-cum,” she says. “Another transgirl would force her thick cock down my throat until I vomited, and the stink of her sperm would mix with the scent of my sick, and the smell of all the gone-off, deep-fried meals past diners had ordered.”


Luci loves many scents, but some foul smell fetishists fixate on just one. Fiona loves industrial cleaning products – especially bleach. “To get myself in the mood for sex, I pour Domestos onto tissues and lay them on the radiator behind my bed,” she reveals. “The heat makes the fumes more powerful.”

Other fetishists are turned on by a single bodily scent, such as bad breath. For Alan B, ‘halitosis’ equals ‘horny’. “I can hardy control my desire if a woman exhales on me and her breath is really fuggy and stagnant,” he enthuses.

Alan has met fellow bad breath fans on internet forums, and says a lot of them like the smell of stale cigarettes. He knows one gent who pays women to cough in his face after they’ve chewed old-fashioned throat pastilles, while another likes to be forced to smell bad breath caused by foods like onions or curry. Alan’s preference is for rotting teeth.

“Tooth decay emits a spooky, cloyingly sweet odour, which I find exciting” he explains. “The visual element switches me on too, when a girl’s teeth are furred up with bright plaque. I like it best when there are no gaps between each tooth, just a sunshine-yellow block of hard tartar.”

Alan’s girlfriend has healthy gnashers, but she’s happy to cater for his fetish, and sometimes she won’t brush them for up to a week if she thinks he deserves a treat.

But when foul smell fetishists can’t find anyone to indulge their passions, they improvise. Reader Bonnie’s boyfriend loves the smell of her feet when they’re sweaty, but gets bored when she insists on washing them. To ensure he regularly gets a foul smell fix, he wears three extra pairs of insoles in his shoes every day, to make his feet sweat profusely. He ceremoniously lays the damp, mouldering insoles out on the floor each morning and slides them into his trainers one by one, sniffing them deeply as he goes.


These stories may make most folk gag, but smell fetishes are surprisingly common – especially the desire to sniff farts. Many attractive young women, such as The Queen Of Farts, Kelsey Obsession (below), and Péteuse (right), make money by running fart-based porn sites, featuring pictures and videos of themselves letting rip.

Like Luci, Péteuse understands that different types of food cause different gases. She eats a varied diet in order to please as many fart enthusiasts as possible, who often beg her to scoff lentil soup, muesli, or Argentinan beef.

“My fans love to tell me how they think my ass gas smells,” says Péteuse. “They send me lengthy descriptions of how they imagine my trumps must whiff of broccoli, rotten eggs and squidgy cheese – but in reality they smell like the inside of a pumpkin!”

Viewers are also turned on by watching Péteuse fart, and some make specific requests. One wanted her to guff while sitting on a huge beach ball, while another had a more worrying fantasy.

“One guy wanted me to break wind all over a copy of the Qu’ran and say terrible anti-Muslim things in a vicious way, which I refused to do,” she says.

Kelsey Obsession’s fans have visual requests, too. “Many of them like to watch me fart on small china figurines, like a giantess towering over models of tiny people and powerfully releasing my butt bubbles in their faces – it’s a domination thing,” she shrugs.

Some fart freaks like the camera to be close as possible to Kelsey’s bare asshole, so they can see her trumping. “They like to see my puckered sphincter open as the air pushes out, then squeeze back closed when I’m done,” she giggles. “But plenty of guys simply focus on the stench of the fart. For loads of blokes, it’s all about the smell. They describe how they’d like me to fart in their mouths so they can taste my gases.”

Veteran wind machine, The Queen Of Farts, receives tons of fanmail about her bottom burps. “Some guys love the sounds that my guffs make. I get letters enthusing about my chokingly strong farts echoing in the toilet bowl or squeaking out through a tight pair of jeans,” she laughs. “Yet many fans are totally smell-oriented. They tell me how they’ve buried their faces in the cushion after a woman has risen from a chair, hoping to catch a sniff of her emissions.”


There may be a scientific explanation as to why some folks lust after pongs that others despise. An article in New Scientist magazine revealed there are around 400 smell receptors in a human nose. Each one responds to a handful of specific smell molecules, which are determined by a person’s genes. “Unless you are dealing with identical twins, no two persons will have the same genetic make-up for those receptors,” says biochemist Boris Schilling.

Andreas Keller, a geneticist working at the Rockefeller University in New York City, agrees that people perceive smell in their own way. “Everyone smells the world with a different set of receptors, therefore it smells different to everybody,” he says.

To illustrate this, Charles Wysocki of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia studied androstenone – an odorant produced in boars’ testicles.

“About 50 per cent of people smelled nothing when exposed to it, while 35 per cent detected a powerful urine smell, and the other 15 per cent thought it was pleasantly floral, musky and woody,” he explains.

That means that foul smell fetishists may not perceive the scents they love to be foul at all... so their apparently ‘disgusting’ cravings are nothing to be sniffed at.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that foul smell fetishes aren’t just down to DNA, though. In some cases, the kink appears to have Freudian roots: the fetishist can identify a formative experience that led them to associate a particular smell – however horrible – with sex.

Kelsey Obsession says she’s received multiple emails about childhood incidents in which her fans smelled a fart squeezed out by their primary school crush, and became turned on by this exposure to the normally-private workings of their love interest’s body.

Other fetishists’ early experiences are of a less innocent, more explicitly sexual nature. Bizarre reader BileyCoyote7, aged 36, gets an erection when he smells vomit, and thinks it’s because of an incident that happened in the toilets of the hardware superstore where he had a Saturday job as a teen.

“The older blokes used to stick pictures of Page three girls on the walls in the loos, and as a randy 16-year-old I couldn’t resist regularly tossing one off during my lunchbreaks,” he says. “Once, a colleague came in and was sick in the adjacent cubicle, just as I orgasmed. The sudden fear of being caught turned to relief when I realised that my workmate was preoccupied by being ill, so didn’t realise I was wanking, and the rush of adrenaline was incredible! Since then, my cock’s acted like Pavlov’s dog whenever I smell vomit.”

Some fetishists have been influenced by pop culture, rather than their own experiences. Kelsey’s heard from several fart fans who say their fascination stems from comical storylines in kids’ movies, such as the diarrhoea scene in Dumb & Dumber. The pleasure they got from laughing at something as a child has grown into sexual pleasure as an adult.


But foul smell fetishism can also develop entirely in adulthood, and can be about domination. For fanatics who are into masochism, being forced to inhale a horrific odour is part of the thrill of being tortured.

“I love it when my girlfriend commands me to breathe in her stinky bum gas, dominatrix-style” reveals Bizarre reader Luca Blackthorn.

Péteuse says she’s contacted by many men who fixate on being “punished” by her farts and fetid feet, including one chap who wants her to strap her cheesy ballet slippers around his nose, tie him up in an unbearably hot room, and position him so that the switch to turn on a cooling fan is just out of his reach.

Some stench enthusiasts claim that bad smells make them feel ‘primal’, like BeastieGal, who says, “My husband and I like straddling each other in a 69 position and farting, because the smell brings out our ‘animalism’.”

Other fans claim to get hot and bothered about the element of taboo linked to an awful reek.

“Girls are cute, and farts are gross, so it’s erotic to smell a nice young lady’s fart since it’s something naughty that she’s not supposed to do,” muses Kelsey Obsession.

But many fetishists aren’t concerned with working out why they get off on nasty niffs – they’re happy just to focus on their perverse pleasure. For Luci, that means continuing to experiment with foul funks. She’s recently discovered that the smell of a playmate’s wee is “ruined” if her partner’s eaten hotdogs, but “delightful” if they’ve ingested grape soda and mint sweets, which “can make your piss taste minty if you eat enough of them”.

If Luci’s girlfriend eats so many sweeties that her teeth start to rot, maybe she can drop Alan B a line…






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Burp Fetish

I have a smell fetish for sweaty pits. Mmmm I love it. You should write an article on burp fetish next please. Here's a site about it http://www.burpfetish.com/

By BurpFetish on 9 November, 2011, 6:21pm

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Queen of Farts pictures
Queen of Farts pictures

Queen of Farts pictures

Queen of Farts pictures
queen of farts pictures
Queen of Farts pictures


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