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Bizarre's Auntie Den and Mike visit the Nursery Thymes nursery for adult babies. See their pictures here.

adult babies

I’ll take longer changing their nappies because that’s the thing they enjoy. I’m not saying I like the smell, it’s just part of changing nappies...
Bizarre’s biggest pair of babies, Auntie Den and our cheeky designer Mike, have been squabbling with each other and having tantrums lately, so we’ve sent them packing – without any supper – to a special nursery in Portsmouth.

After naughtily knocking on the door and trying to run away, the terrible twins are greeted by Maxine, a cuddly, motherly lady with a gentle voice. Leading Den and Mike into her kitchen, Maxine shows them the best place to sit – a massive, adult-sized high chair.

This is Nursery Thymes, one of a handful of UK retreats where grown men and women pay to become helpless infants. Surrounded by giant cuddly bears and Winnie The Pooh-border wallpaper, adults who visit Maxine can be bottle-fed, have Beatrix Potter tales read to them, shit and piss themselves, and get their nappies changed. Who says we have to grow up?


Infantilism, or the Adult Baby (AB) fetish, is a type of extreme age-play in which kinksters want to behave and be treated like a baby. Fantasising about being a dependant child again, ABs love to be bottle-fed, cuddled, given toys to play with, dressed in babygrows and put in nappies so that they can shit themselves freely.

Maxine, who has been running Nursery Thymes for four years with her husband and AB enthusiast Derek, caters to fetishists needs with saintly grace.

“When people come to my nursery they don’t have to do anything,” she explains. “I look after them totally and give them anything they want; from a cup of tea or a bacon sandwich, to humiliating them by putting them in layers of sissy petticoats and applying full girly make-up to their faces. I cuddle them, give them a bottle, read them stories and climb into the cot with them, giving them plenty of close contact.”

Many of Maxine’s clients like to sit in the massive high chair while playing with toys or being fed, but some ABs prefer to pretend that they’re helpless newborns who can’t get up on their own.

“A few like to be restrained in the big cot I have in the play room because they want to feel as though they’re incapable of sitting up,” Maxine explains. “They don’t speak – all they do is lie there, drink milk and wet their nappies. And yes, they cry.”

As such, direct sexual activity within the AB fetish is rare. Nursery Thymes doesn’t offer any sexual services and, although Maxine used to breastfeed clients, she stopped doing it six years ago when one of them hurt her.

“He forgot what he was doing and bit me,” she scowls. “Breastfeeding is a big thing for some ABs, and I know I miss out on some clients because I don’t do it, but that incident is still a bad memory.”


Denied bare boobs, the highlight for Maxine’s clients is having their nappies changed and, according to her, all ABs wet themselves and half poo in their Pampers.

“Some ABs take laxatives or eat prunes before their play in order to make sure they can go during their sessions,” Maxine reveals. “I’ll take longer changing their nappies because that’s the thing they enjoy. I’m not saying I like the smell, it’s just part of changing nappies.”

Mike (not Bizarre’s hyperactive designer), a 20-something AB who plays at home with his pro dominatrix girlfriend, Kitty Stryker, doesn’t shit himself, but loves having his bottom cleaned with wet wipes, then doused in talcum powder.

“It makes me feel serene,” he explains. “It puts me in the same mental space as getting a massage. She’s doing everything for me.”

When Mike told Kitty about his desires she was taken aback. “I was a little weirded out at first, due to my fears of motherhood,” she says. But while Kitty would rather their games were more sexual, she’s happy to make Mike feel comforted. “Getting your genitals touched without the pressure to perform is relaxing,” she says. “I wish AB play was more kinky, but when we’re in our roles of child and mother, I’m really just caring for a baby.”

However – relaxed and happy – some ABs do become sexually aroused when having their nappy changed and a few of Maxine’s clients blush while she’s wiping their bottoms. “Some of my clients are embarrassed by their erections,” Maxine smiles. “But when someone’s being attended to and they’re doing something they love, it’s a natural reaction.”


Saddled with grown-up responsibilities, many ABs want to be infantilised to take away the pressures of everyday life. Maxine’s husband Derek describes his partner as a “regression therapist”, and tells us that people go to her when they feel stressed. “Being an adult baby enables them to return to a time when they didn’t have to go to work or pay mortgages,” he says.

But there are often deeper, psychological reasons why ABs want to be mollycoddled. “Some people were so loved as a child that they want it to carry on,” says Maxine. “But others had such a terrible time in infancy that they want to make happier memories for themselves.”

Derek began his forays into infantilism as a ‘diaper lover’, someone who is comforted by wearing a nappy – and his fetish emanated from childhood problems.

“I started wetting the bed when I was seven years old, and I couldn’t tell my parents, so I stole some nappies and plastic pants from a washing line,” he says, openly. “For me, the comfort of knowing the bed wouldn’t be wet in the morning developed into a fetish.”

Shaun, another 20-something male, had to wear nappies while recovering from a road accident aged six, and now has adult baby cravings. Married to a woman who doesn’t mind his fetish, but doesn’t want to indulge it, Shaun has been exploring his needs at Nursery Thymes. But like many others, he finds the inclusion of sexual acts a turn-off.

“I regularly go onto Adult Baby sites, such as www.Diaperspace.com and www.Rupadded.com, but when the talk gets sexual, I’m out of there like a shot,” he says. “It’s not about that for me.”


Offline, turning fantasy into reality is expensive, and it’s difficult to find cots, high chairs, nappies and jim-jams large enough to fit big babies. Derek and Maxine stock four different sizes of frilly, nursery-print and coloured pants, as well as baby dresses in most women’s sizes, which cost up to £150 each.

Most of the special clothes they need come from the US, and all of their rompers and onesies come from one eBay seller based there. “Our clientele come in all sizes, and we can’t just keep one kind of nappy that fits all,” Derek says.

Even though Derek made his cot and high chair – which would’ve cost around £5,500 to buy – he and Maxine have spent £4,000 turning an upstairs room of their house into a child’s play area, and it’s taken them three years to cover their costs. While Maxine usually cares for one or two adult babies a week, times are lean and she has only seen one in the past two months.

“Business is up-and-down,” Derek says. “But Maxine doesn’t do this for money, which is why we’re still open and other nurseries have closed.”


But there are those who prefer to play in the privacy of their own home. A bachelor in his thirties, called Pamparompa – his online name – has spent the last three years developing a sumptuous, rainbow-coloured nursery on the top floor of his London home.

Filled with jumbo versions of traditional children’s toys to make him “feel small”, giant posters, alphabet mats, nappy bins, and “cute” bed sheets, it’s like a scaled-down version of Tom Hanks’ apartment in the 1980s comedy film Big.

“I sleep in my jammies, with my teddies, sucking my binky,” he reveals, playfully. “I’m not sure I’d call what I do ‘play’, because I usually just do it for myself.”

Despite his homely extravagance, Pamparompa manages to spend just £75 a month on his fetish. Most of that cash is spent on disposable nappies, and he says that he finds outfits, toys and equipment in charity shops, on eBay and at Primark, although his favourite store is Finland-based e-tailer www.MayRain.fi.

“My aim is to have a complete wardrobe for any occasion and all the things you’d typically find in a three-year-old’s room,” he says enthusiastically. “My next dream item is a Scalextric car set.”

Keen to welcome friends into his house, Pamparompa doesn’t keep his regression a secret. “Many of my friends know about it and, curiously, I’ve never had a negative reaction,” he reveals. “Some of them even join me and we play board games or build Lego. If I’m really lucky, one of them reads me a bedtime story!”

Maxine and Derek’s nearest and dearest have also been supportive and Maxine’s mum even knits clothes for their clients.


But outside the home and online forums, the AB fetish remains relatively unknown. Maxine runs monthly drop-in’s where fetishists can discuss their kinks over a beer, there are a handful of organised events – such as those held by London’s ABC Club, where tall toddlers can drink lager in their nappies – and some pro dommes cater for AB tastes.

But the fetish is sometimes laughed at and some believe it promotes paedophilia.

“We were ridiculed when Nursery Thymes exhibited at this year’s Erotica show,” Maxine says, “but that’s why we were there – to explain what it is and why it’s great.”

And despite tough times in the recession, which has seen the number of gurgling clients recently fall, the couple adore their business. “People that we know don’t even call it a fetish,” says Maxine. “It’s just our world.”

FOR MORE, VISIT www.Nursery-thymes.com


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