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SSBBW and Fat Fetish
Off The Scales!

Feast your eyes on the super-sized chicks who are serving up extra portions of sex appeal. Pics of SSBBW stars Kellie Kay and Ash



Pics courtesy of Ash.bigcuties.com and SSBBWKellieKay.com

Also visit Brutal Super Sized Goddess and VioletJames.com

For most catwalk models, being told you’re too fat would be like getting smacked in the face with a wrecking ball. But when Kellie Kay was told to shed some excess weight, the plus-sized fashion model merely shrugged her curvy shoulders, thought “meh”, and piled on an extra 350lb instead.

“I was modelling for plus-size clothing stores from the age of 16, but when I turned 20 I hit 200lb and was told I was too fat,” recalls the bubbly Ohio, US, native, now 28. “But I wanted to be in a nudey magazine and, after posting scantily-clad pictures of myself online, I was contacted by an adult website. Within a month I was doing photo shoots, and appearing in America’s large women magazine BODacious.”

Kellie Kay is what’s known in the adult world as an ‘SSBBW’ (super-sized big beautiful woman), which is a size up from the more familiar ‘BBW’ (big beautiful woman). There’s an ongoing debate about how heavy someone needs to be to earn the label, but generally anyone over 350lb qualifies - although height also determines how ‘fat’ or curvy a woman looks. As SSBBW superstar Violet James puts it, an SSBBW is “when they’re too big for cinema seats and too heavy for bathroom scales”.


At 5ft 5in tall, Kellie currently weighs in excess of 550lb, making her one of the biggest adult stars on the internet. And we don’t just mean literally ‘big’ either – her site SSBBWKellieKay.com attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all corners of the globe. “I have the best fans in the world,” she grins. “They don’t just treat me as a sex object but as a friend.”

According to BBW-lover ‘Stu’ who runs several sites in the US - including BigHotBombshells.com, for which his wife is a model - BBW and SSBBW are the third most popular niches in adult entertainment after straight and gay porn. “I get members from the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and Germany,” he says.

Yet, despite a global audience, most SSBBW models are American. “I think it’s more acceptable in the US to be big, proud and beautiful,” says England’s own Brutal Super Sized Goddess (BSSG). “In the UK it’s all ‘hush hush’…”

Stu’s sites cater for a variety of size-related fetishes, from women jiggling their bits to men being smothered beneath sun-eclipsing butts, and this is typical of the SSBBW scene. Heavyweight women and their fans (sometimes called Fat Admirers or ‘FAs’) are spoiled rotten when it comes to naughty fun.

“My main focus is on overeating and ‘gaining’ (eating to get heavier), and I am pretty good at it!” declares Kellie “The proof is in my large and proportional weight gain. The majority of my fans like to watch me eat huge portions of food, and the faster, harder and greedier, the better.”

Fellow SSBBW ‘Big Cutie’ Ash, who is a housemate of Kellie, was introduced to modelling after frequenting special BBW parties in America, and now explores many aspects of fat fetishism on her own website. “I really enjoy playing with my rolls and jiggling them on camera, and I’ve recently done exercising videos that were really exhausting but fun,” she enthuses. “But mostly I’m just sitting in my bedroom eating a sandwich, or talking about how fat I am."


In order to maintain her current weight, Kellie says that she eats 10 meals a day, six of which are large. “I love fresh foods from a garden, and I eat a lot of pasta, breads and potatoes, and lots of dairy such as ice cream, milk and cheese,” she says. “I know fast foods are great for weight gain, but I prefer to do it old school by eating large quantities of delicious foods. I lift weights too. I want to keep my womanly shape and I do this by keeping somewhat fit.”

Kellie also enjoys the feeling of piling on the pounds. “Being the biggest is a big turn on,” she purrs, “but I also love the actual feeling and softness of the stretching, growing skin as it’s filling with fat. Curves and softness have been feminine qualities since the beginning of time, so why not add more to them?”

Yet in today’s weight-obsessed society, it can be hard for joe public to swallow the fetishisation of gaining, which can lead to health problems. Ash prefers not to talk it for fear of misunderstanding and causing unnecessary alarmist reactions, but Kellie insists that she looks after herself.

“There are health concerns, but they can be avoided with activity and by eating the right foods,” she says. “I love going to new doctors because they always assume I must be sick and unhealthy but once they run tests and see that I’m in great health, they almost don’t believe it!”

But few sexual kinks get as much negative publicity as ‘feederism’. An offshoot of ‘overeating’ this usually involves a dominant ‘feeder’ making their partner gorge on gluttonous portions of food. Such fantasies weren’t helped by the 2005 serial killer flick , in which an evil dude murdered chicks by overfeeding them. Nor by the recent real-life case of New Jersey’s Donna Simpson, who, along with her fiancé, invited fetishists to buy her food in a bid to top the scales at 1,000-pounds (fortunately, the couple are now separated).

SSBBW star Violet James stresses that feederism is just kinky fantasy fun, and can be enjoyed by couples at home. “Feeders aren’t usually abusive monsters, coercing women into gaining another 20 pounds, like they’re always described in the media,” she says. “I have a normal, healthy sex life that sometimes involves fetish play, and I think that’s a pretty typical bedroom experience for anyone.”


As well as devouring videos of their super-sized heroes, many SSBBW lovers like to be physically flattened by them, which is termed ‘squashing’. Ash says squashing isn’t always about domination and some fans merely like to feel the softness of an SSBBW’s flesh on top of them, but others crave submission.

Brutal Super Sized Goddess (BSSG) was introduced to squashing through her fiancé (now her slave). She took to it because channelled her natural “dominant streak”. Folk who want to watch squashing in action can visit their online video store, as they’ve shot a number of “damn hot” clips that include facesitting and butt-dropping, where BSSG lands her entire weight on her sub with sternum-shuddering impact.

“My fiancé has seen a lot of videos, but he felt that models rarely lay into the male slave enough,” she says. “When he found out I was so brutal in bed, he knew there was a gap in the market for someone as ruthless as me. Our best-selling clip is ‘Premiere’, where I butt-drop his chest hard and smother him mercilessly with my goddess belly. The activity I love the most is belly slapping my slave in the face. To me, it’s a form of punishment, whether he has tapped out too early in a video and disappointed me, or just pissed me off at home!”

Weighing in at 380-pounds, BSSG describes her slave as “tiny” compared to her all-conquering frame, yet she’s careful that their play never results in injury. “We believe that being in a committed relationship and practising this daily are our greatest safety precautions,” she says. “I’ve crushed and smothered him so many times that I know his limits inside out. A few of our close friends know what we do, and they are really supportive of us. However, we wouldn’t tell our families because they would automatically assume that we’re doing porn!”

26-year-old Anastasia Vanderbust is another who enjoys overpowering wimps with her gargantuan bulk. At 6ft and 385lb, the Florida-based model is also popular with giantess fetishists, where admirers drool over her towering height. “I thoroughly enjoy walking all over men, known as trampling, which is every girl's fantasy,” she giggles, “I also love squashing them until they tap out because they can't take any more of my heavy weight on their body and face. It’s a real thrill holding the power and feeling in charge.”


Yet despite the popularity of the SSBBW scene, Stu of BigHotBombshells says it’s still hard for guys to admit to liking large girls. “I’ve always found bigger women attractive, but in this society it’s not easy to come out of the closet and admit that,” he says, despondently. “It’s easier to come out and say you’re gay, and gay people have come a long way in being accepted. The fat world has to go down a similar road.”

Meanwhile, the girls say modelling has helped them to become more confident. “Growing up, I used to be embarrassed of my height and insecure with my weight,” confesses Anastasia. “Over the years, I've learned to embrace myself as a woman as a whole. It's great that the world is slowly learning to embrace us. It takes mad guts, especially in this industry, to show the world what we've got.”

Violet James agrees that she wants to challenge preconceptions: “Fat people have to put up with bigotry everywhere, every day. When I got into modelling, I was definitely interested in redefining who people think are allowed to be sexy.”

But while Ash says that her work makes her feel feminine and hot, she believes that fat prejudice needs to be tackled on a wider scale – and she’s willing to try. “I don’t think that fat porn is the way to break down prejudice,” she admits. “What I’m producing is for my friends to enjoy in intimate, private moments. Fat prejudice is a very real form of oppression. I think it deserves a much more public, political approach. And I’ll be there fighting, too. I’ll just be wearing more clothes and holding a sign instead of a cheesecake.”


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