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Animal Sex

Doctor X runs several bestiality porn sites, and actress Stray is the major star of his movies. They spoke exclusively to Bizarre about doing things doggy style…

dog sex bestiality interview sexy

Doctor X and Stray (their names have been changed for legal reasons), think their golden retriever, Elvis, is the dog’s bollocks. They feed him salmon, let him sleep in their beds and, in Stray’s case, the royal treatment even extends to allowing ‘The King’ to love her tender… or hard, rough, and from behind, while Doctor X and his seven-man production crew film it at their base in sunny south-western Europe. They also arrange regular play dates for Elvis and his doggy friends to service a wide roster of other willing women.

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So when it came to publishing Bizarre’s Taboo Special, speaking to two people who push the traditional boundaries of taste to their limits – and who indulge in sexual activities that are illegal in many countries, including the UK where penetrative sex with an animal is outlawed – was essential.

Web designer and producer Doctor X and adult actress Stray are business partners who make their living through running pornographic websites for people who share their fetish for ‘pet love’ – a term they invented because they don’t feel the labels ‘zoophilia’ or ‘bestiality’ accurately apply to them.

“Zoophiles develop a deep romantic bond with an animal, and consider themselves to be in a relationship, sometimes even culminating in an interspecies marriage – fair enough, but we don’t feel that strongly,” explains Doctor X. “The word ‘bestialist’, on the other hand, commonly refers to individuals who fuck livestock but couldn’t give a damn about their wellbeing; it’s a pejorative term, with negative connotations of sheep shaggers, goat rapists and horse slashers who get off on mutilating stallions’ genitals. Pet lovers like Stray and I are normal-but-kinky professionals whose tastes are healthily balanced in the middle; we like the thrill of watching or having sex with animals, and are affectionate towards them, but we’re not ‘in love’ with them. And there are lots of others out there who have the same outlook.”


Doctor X, 38, professes to being “a filthy little bastard from the day I was born!”. He first discovered his interest in animal sex in the late 1970s. “My uncle used to stash top-shelf mags in the bathroom cupboards and the garage, and my favourite pastime was to sneakily study them. I couldn’t get enough,” he explains. “Back then, laws on the content of pornography weren’t so tight or so stringently enforced; you could get your hands on a huge diversity of extreme stuff with relative ease. I’d glimpsed pictures of women being serviced by dogs on some smutty playing cards a schoolmate brought back from holiday, but the real moment of enlightenment was discovering a magazine spread showing the famous Danish beast-porn babe Bodil Joensen sucking off a horse.”

Bodil was also the star of a notorious underground beast sex compilation called Animal Farm, which was widely bootlegged in the UK in the 1970s and 80s and showed pig fellatio, chicken penetration, and live eels being inserted into the actress’ vagina.

The film – which was seized in police raids on Soho sex shops that stocked it, but which had already gone into wide circulation on pirated VHS tapes – became a subject of secondary school gossip across the UK and Europe and, keen to coax his partners into indulging in some live canine carnal action, Doctor X used Animal Farm to test his partners’ attitudes.

“Everyone was talking about the movie, so I’d ask girlfriends whether they’d seen it, what they thought of it, and then move on to suggesting they try a bit of ‘puppy love’,” he says. “One big-boobed blonde I was lucky enough to date was up for it, so we borrowed a neighbour’s Labrador with the weak excuse that we wanted to take it for a walk. It screwed her all over my parents’ lounge. It was fantastic – and completely illegal where we were living.”


But while it may seem incredibly young to be entering into such an extreme sex act as a teenager, Doctor X claims that many subscribers to his pet love websites are between 18 and 21. “Around that age you begin to experiment and explore your desires,” he says. “I think certain youths ‘practice’ with the family pet before finding a boy or girlfriend, especially in isolated areas where there are plenty of animals around but fewer peers to socialise with, and my online videos get a lot of hits from Texas and other rural regions.

“For some, dabbling with a dog is a passing developmental phase; for others, it becomes an enduring fetish. The other key group of viewers who buy my films are about 45 years old; that’s the time people tend to realise life’s too short to be a prude, shrug off the last of their inhibitions, and get crazy!”

Doctor X set his first site up eight years ago, after studying arts and programming at college. It began after a tongue-in-cheek e-tutorial he created instructing women on how best to have sex with a dog unexpectedly garnered huge volumes of appreciative feedback and thank you emails, and he spotted a gap in the market.

“At that time, most animal porn on the web aimed to be shocking and weird, but people like me wanted material that was chic, sexy, ballsy and cool, designed to be a sophisticated turn-on rather than a low-budget gross-out,” he says. “There was nothing to cater for female tastes either; all the girls in bestiality flicks were marketed in a derogatory manner, as ‘butt-fucking, mutt-fucking worthless slut whores’. That’s the exact opposite of how I view pet-loving women. To me, they’re the ultimate in erotic boldness. They’re so horny, so in control of their own pleasure, and so determined to get themselves off that they dare to revolt against taboo and danger and go at it with a dog.”


Stray agrees with Doctor X’s philosophy. “Getting fucked by dogs allows me to take charge of my own sexuality. I don’t have to rely on a man,” she states. Not that she couldn’t get any guy she wanted: bisexual Stray is smart (she has a BA in fine art), sweet and scorching hot.

While Stray can’t put her finger on a single formative experience that sparked off her “always present” pet love fetish, she remembers reading stories by feminist author Nancy Friday about liberated women having dog sex, and thinking “Wow, other people fantasise like I do!”.

She also recalls the first time, aged 21, she met a bloke with a dog – and fancied him and his pet: “It was the first real life incidence of me seeing an animal in the flesh and feeling lust. I had a relationship with the bloke for ages, and used to lie next to him with the dog close by, wishing I could somehow initiate my dream scenario, but he was very straight-laced and I think he’d have been horrified if I’d made a move on his dog.”

The arrival of the internet revolutionised Stray’s sex life. “Suddenly information was available, chat rooms, forums,” she says. “Pet love sites would frequently get closed down, but I learned to recognise insider lingo – plus, as a single woman into pet love, I was a popular community member and fellow enthusiasts would ensure I was kept in the loop! Posts on an internet group drew my attention to one of Doctor X’s websites, which had been running for three years, and I thought it really spoke to women. It was classy and upmarket, not degrading. We started chatting – during which time I my lost my doggy virginity.”


One night while clubbing, Stray met someone who had a great dane, which she had her first sexual encounter with back at the owner’s house. “It wasn’t the best breed for a beginner as great danes are huge and clumsy,” she says. “They tend to accidentally scratch you quite a lot. When I got sexual with the dog it was indescribably exciting, but also very ‘out there’. It felt surreal.”

Stray began working with Doctor X soon after her initial experience with the great dane. “I knew I wanted to explore pet love further; I loved Doctor X’s approach and as a young English-speaking woman who takes pride in her appearance, I felt I had something different to offer to the foreign-language bestiality movies coming out of places like Brazil,” she explains.

“Money isn’t my main motivation, but I earn a good amount of cash too, and no-one takes a bigger cut than me from the productions I star in. Every aspect of what I do is liberating and empowering, although my mother holds a different stance on feminism to me and would probably think the opposite. She doesn’t know I work in porn, but my dad does. I used to wear a mask on set to preserve my anonymity, but I don’t any longer. I’m not ashamed.”


In her five years of pet love, Stray’s only had a couple of bad experiences: “Dogs have a bone in their penises, and I had sex with one black Labrador whose cock was particularly pointy and angled – it cut me. It hurt at first, but I didn’t need medical attention. Other than that, I’ve had plenty of scratches and bruises; Rottweilers are notably aggressive and like to show you who’s boss. They’re dim too – I’ve had one try to hump my ear! I was black and blue after filming The Record, the first ever doggy gangbang in which I set a new pet love benchmark by consecutively and continuously being pleasured by eight dogs in a row. We shot about 20 hours of tape for that, and I orgasmed countless times; depending on breed, dogs’ boners can swell to enormous dimensions – some great danes’ cocks are the same size as my forearm – and I find they make me feel wonderfully full.”

Does Stray enjoy sex with dogs more than sex with humans? “With dogs, a high degree of the thrill for me these days is being on camera,” she says. “I love thinking about people watching me do something so raw. If I’m making love with a man or woman who’s really special to me, I guess it can be better, but it’s a tough call. Certainly, if you were to tie me up and say, ‘Right, you’re going to be fucked by a strange guy or a strange dog,’ the dog would win every time. For a start, it’s biologically impossible to for me to get pregnant that way, and the dog is likely to be cleaner!”


Protestations that what they do is ‘dirty’ is one of the main arguments Stray and Doctor X encounter from people who are damning of their fetish. “There are few arguments against pet love that I can’t answer,” Doctor X maintains. “The idea that sex with a dog is ‘dirty’ is just plain wrong. There are no STDs you can give to or catch from a canine, and the only diseases you can pick up are infections you’d be at the same risk or contracting if you just kept the animal as a pet. Plus a mutt cleans its dick about 15 times a day. I don’t know any man who can claim the same!

“There are also objectors who say pet love is ‘wrong in the eyes of God’, but I’m not religious. As for those who claim it’s ‘unnatural’ – in that case, why is there evidence of bestiality in practically every culture since ancient times? Humans have a long, long history of copulating with animals. Moreover, skydiving or bungee jumping might be seen as pretty ‘unnatural’ things to do for thrills, but if no-one gets hurt, what’s the problem?”

Whether anyone ‘gets hurt’ is a pertinent question. How do Doctor X and Stray answer the accusation that dog sex equates to animal abuse, because there’s no way to tell whether the animal has consented to or enjoys the act? “There’s certainly a grey moral area when it comes to men sticking their cocks in female or male animals, and I don’t show any of that on my website – it feels too close to rape,” states Doctor X.

“But a dog fucking a woman is a different situation entirely. A male dog won’t get an erection and actively take control of humping a woman unless it wants to; I know, because I’ve had dogs wander off or lay down and go to sleep on set if they’re not in the mood! And of course, you can’t make a male dog fuck a woman against its will. And they must enjoy it, because they come back for more; we’ve had to train Elvis not to jump on Stray in public.”

Stray also points to the work of Australian philosopher Peter Singer, who specialises in ethics and has published papers on the morality of bestiality, writing that “sex with animals does not always involve cruelty” and can be “mutually satisfying”.

Peter’s work was at one point supported by Ingrid Newkirk, president of the animal rights group PETA, who said, “If you French kiss your dog and he or she thinks it’s great, is it wrong? We believe all exploitation and abuse is wrong. (But) if (a sex act) isn’t exploitation and abuse, (then) it may not be wrong.” Ingrid later withdrew this comment and publicly announced that she strongly opposed any “exploitation of and all sexual activity with animals”, but Stray still subscribes to her original sentiment.

Whatever Stray and Doctor X’s opinions, British law says penetrative sex with animals is illegal, so after checking out a variety of destinations, the English-born pair have now both settled abroad in a quiet European country where their actions are within the law. “Where we’re based, you can freely buy animal porn in shops and from newsstands,” smiles Stray. “Pet love videos are routinely in the top three bestselling DVDs at sex shops, and we just went to an expo where they were screening doggy sex shows on giant TVs. They’re more liberal here in general – even the government has been very helpful with the business side of things. Also, Doctor X doesn’t have to pay the best part of a tenner for a pack of cigs!”

Doctor X and Stray’s websites currently sell 200-400 movies worldwide every day, and they get a new registration to their newsletters every minute – but Doctor X worries that their success may soon be curtailed by new internet laws.

“I think we’re at an interesting point in online legislation now,” he muses. “I reckon it’s going to go one way or another; we’ll either make a decision to become more liberated and embrace freedom of information, choice and expression, or we’ll regress into extreme censorship and the internet will be severely restricted. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to work with universities to actively discuss and share info and statistics on fetishes like pet love, and collaborate on studies which might increase acceptance and understanding of such desires, but I’m not sure society will ever be that open-minded. Yet with our great team and our fantastic site supporters, Stray and I intend to see how far we can go.”

We asked the RSPCA for its response to this feature
“The subject of bestiality is no joke. We believe it to be the ultimate desecration of the relationship between humans and animals. The RSPCA is opposed to the infliction of pain, suffering and distress or the killing of any animal in the name of entertainment. The Society firmly believes that animals should be treated with respect and dignity.”

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Doctor X and Stray were not paid for this interview.




wuff wuff !

By bigredone1964 on 27 October, 2009, 6:22pm


Great story!

By reficiul on 30 October, 2009, 7:14pm


The RSPCA constantly chastises people for not caring for their pets and not looking after them and neglecting them... people are into bestiality not only will love their pets unconditionally but, they will go out of their way to make sure their pets receive the best treatment and just because not everyone who has pets cannot or will not have intercourse with them does not mean that they do not form a special bond with them and if their is life out there in the universe that is not our species and we choose to mate with them??? to say that inter-species relationships is wrong is almost the same as saying that inter-racial relations is wrong, if the animal/s involved did not want the partnership they are more than capable of expressing their dislike and in many ways are more than capable of defending themselves against un-wanted intercourse than humans. I agree that if the coupling is forced then it should be treated as rape of an animal but, if the act is consentual on both sides then it should be treated as any other consentual relationship. I'm not saying that it's right but, I'm also not saying that it's wrong, I'm simply saying that this has, is and will continue to occur in modern society so we need to look at how we can monitor, observe and protect those persons and animals who engage in the consentual act and punish those who engage in unlawfully abusing animals. It's a complicated issue and only with an open mind can we benefit both the animals and humans involved.

By D382H on 31 October, 2009, 2:09am



By BLAHHALB on 3 November, 2009, 5:27am

As a Zoo....

I feel that dogs are capable of showing consent, a male dog gets aroused and is very visible. Female dogs are a little harder to tell, but my k9 lover will turn around and flick her tail to the side and look back at me as if to say, "You know what to do!" dogs have alot of body language that some people don't understand. If anyone feels that loving your animal on a sexual level is wrong, chances are they will answer 'yes' to one of the following....
1. Religious and their book says it's wrong.
2. Don't actually have an animal.
3. Have small dogs or cats (which would be cruelty because of the size of the anatomy)
4. Don't understand the difference between bestiality(zoosexual) and zoophile.

The forth one is actually an interesting difference. Some zoophiles don't actually have sex with their pets, they just love them on a deeper level then they have found capable of doing with humans...there are actually many people who would be considered zoophile and they don't know it. Zoosexual is a person who will have sex with an animal whether the animal wants it or not, or they do it purely for their own pleasure without caring about the animals wellbeing.

By RaynstormZoo on 11 June, 2010, 3:45pm


By tomer30 on 22 July, 2010, 9:11pm

If anyone has any info on this please send me a message.

By Keonlip on 23 January, 2011, 10:56pm

It's life

I've seen the videos, it is exiting. zoophilia may be dangerous but i don't think it's a crime ar a sin, if it is not violent against humanity of people and animals.

By Agustijne84 on 6 February, 2012, 8:21pm


Has anyone found just a link to one of their sites or know what country they're selling it in from retail? I'd go there just to buy it lol!

By JamieLeCummm on 9 July, 2013, 3:40pm


Has anyone found just a link to one of their sites or know what country they're selling it in from retail? I'd go there just to buy it lol!

By JamieLeCummm on 9 July, 2013, 3:41pm

I"The Record"

I've seen this Video, its totally amazing. Clearly this lady is NOT faking anything. As one who does not "fake it" either and has been "into" K9 sex since my own ex husband first introduced me to it in the 80's I can honestly agree with everything Stray says.. With me the heady excitement is the sheer "taboo" of the feeling that this cock thrusting hard up inside me is on the end of a DOG that instantly makes my toes curl.. I do often climax in sex with a man...if he's good but quite often not..
If a dog is keen and really thrusts into me then my orgasm was almost instant. 99% of the times I've had sex with a dog when I felt him coming hot inside me so did I..
So "Woof" Stray, I'm with you on this, AND Nancy Friday who incidentally personally got me over my own first initial guilt after I had enjoyed my own first time dog orgasm so much I was mortified that I was a pervert..I might be but at least I'm not the only one.. Woof.. ..

By Diane on 7 August, 2013, 1:17am


My name is josh I'm 23 im very athletic an have done some anal/blowjobs with multiple dogs they loved it so much they would come to me an start humping on me for more i like it so much I never turn any of the dogs down. I want to try my luck at being in the Bestiality porn busuiness if any one can help I would also like to inform ppl in Washington I am open to trying new things so mention your want's/ requests and I will get back to you.

PS. This is not a joke and any form of harassment such as sexual prefrence, ethnic back ground an ECT will be reported an prosecuted to the fullest ecstent of the law...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

You can email me @:

By WantsAnimalLove on 31 August, 2014, 7:51pm

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