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Gay for Pay Pornstars
Cocks for cash...

In order to earn bigger bucks, a handful of 'straight' male actors are moving into gay films. Bizarre meets 'gay for pay' skin stars Jeremy Bilding, Wolf Hudson and John Magnum

Wolf Hudson and Coco Ono Velvett

Wolf Hudson with his ex-girlfriend, alt.porn performer Coco Ono Velvett

For many Bizarre readers, being a porn star sounds like the perfect profession, where living out your kinkiest sexual fantasies is part of the job description, and an endless parade of hot girls are waiting to be fucked in deeply deviant ways.

But the reality for male porn performers is that they’re paid significantly less than their female colleagues, and many stars struggle to make ends meet in a competitive industry where young colts with monstrous wangers are easy to find, and many one-time skin celebs find themselves on the scrapheap before they’re out of their twenties.

In an attempt to find fame and fortune, many straight male porns stars are now going ‘gay for pay’ – flying in the face of their natural sexual instincts and noshing down on blokes hung like donkeys for cash, or bending over and thinking of the money rolling in as they’re ritually rogered.

Over the past few months Bizarre’s been hanging out in Los Angeles with some of the biggest male gay for pay performers in the industry, to learn how the pink pound can help some stars find the success they crave.


From boy scout to scouting for boys


- Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
- Men Hard At Work 5
- Straight Edge: Volume
- Muscle Mountain


“There are a lot of gay men who don’t want to work with straight guys,” says Jeremy Bilding. “They think we’re too rigid and distant. But if a guy needs fluffing, I’ll do that. If he likes kissing, I’ll do that. I have different tricks. I’m pretty decent orally. I’m a top-only (‘tops’ are the givers in a gay relationship, and ‘bottoms’ the receivers), and my cock’s curved just right to hit the spot on most guys – and girls, actually. I make it a game to find that spot and then he’ll get into the scene. Maybe too into the scene…”

Jeremy, 28, was living in Denver, Colorado, when he answered an advert for adult actors in the online communities network Craigslist. The movie required him to do a solo scene, and then receive a blowjob from another man. Halfway through the week-long shoot, he was relaxing in the hot tub with the rest of the cast when a woman said to him, “If you’re OK with a mouth and you’re OK with straight anal, then you can do gay sex. A hole is a hole.” Jeremy couldn’t fault the logic and, when a gay performer backed out a scene, he jumped right in and didn’t look back.


Before his journey into porn, Jeremy was a Boy Scout leader, taking teams of 14- to 21-year-olds adventuring around the remote island he called home for almost a decade, just off Key West, Florida. “My fans don’t want to see me bottom,” he says. “I’m an all-American boy that used to live Lord Of The Flies-style. My buddies say in the event of a zombie attack they want me around, because I’ll keep them alive. It’s part of my image that I only top.”

Jeremy was quick to embrace new sexual experiences on camera, but says he has a “better connection” with women: “I’m not bisexual. I say I’m ‘sexual’. I can appreciate the sensuality of a man. There are some gay for pay performers who seem to hate what they’re doing, and only do it for the money – some of them are almost homophobic. I love my job. I’m a sexual, friendly, flirtatious harlot.”


For his straight work, Jeremy goes by the name Adam Driller. And when he’s hanging out at a bar, he often gets approached by fans and has to figure out quickly which persona they want to meet; Jeremy or Adam. Not that Jeremy goes out much, preferring to stay home, cooking and writing. But next month he’s going on a reunion expedition with Boy Scout leaders and members he’s kept in touch with, who know about his change of career.

“My buddies joke about my work,” he says. “I got one friend a part as an extra in a movie set on an aeroplane. He saw that I’m no different at work to the guy he lived with on that island. I’m not Johnny Boy Scout anymore, sure, but I haven’t changed.”

Jeremy’s mother is also supportive, but sometimes gets confused about her son’s way of life. “I told her I was going to play Superman,” he says. “She was excited for me, but then said, ‘Is this a naked movie?’ I told her it was, of course, and she started worrying that it’d ruin my chances of getting famous. I said, ‘Mom, I haven’t had a day job for two years. I’ve won awards. I get flown all over the world to make appearances at events. I am famous!”



He uses one stage name, but he’s happy to swing both ways


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- Copperhead Canyon
- Wanna Fuck My Wife, Gotta Fuck Me Too 4
- He Fucked My Father

“I came out as a bisexual performer on Twitter,” beams Wolf Hudson. “I tweeted, ‘I suck cock and I fuck pussy for a living.’ I got tired of hiding. I got tired of conforming. It got too hard to mask my identity. Now, I’m the only porn actor who does both gay and straight porn under the same stage name.”

Wolf, aged 25, started his career in straight porn and moved over to the gay side after a few months. He now fights the labelling system of a surprisingly conservative industry. “The porn business is dominated by white America,” he says. “There’s a lot of racism, a lot of homophobia. There should be camaraderie because porn stars are looked down on by society in general, but instead it’s segregated. But I call people out if they discriminate; I don’t let anyone tell me what I can and can’t do.”


Wolf was drawn into gay porn by the money, which pays twice as much per scene as a man can make in straight porn. “In reality I prefer sex with women, and I’ve never had a relationship with a man,” he says. “Some of the ‘civilian’ women I’ve dated have wanted a bisexual threesome. It’s their fantasy. But outside of work it’s not my thing. They push it, and I have to laugh!”

But after moving to San Francisco and getting a contract with a gay porn studio, Wolf started having fun and making friends. Gay porn allows him more fame than men who limit themselves to straight porn, and now most of his fans are gay men. “A lot of my fans have the fantasy of seducing a straight man,” he says. “They might say they only want to see real gay men on camera, but they don’t. And the guys who claim to hate me because I’m having sex with women too are the ones buying my DVDs.”

But even though Wolf enjoys his job, he’s acutely aware of the double-standards in his line of work. As he says, there are plenty of gay for pay women in the industry, but it’s only men working in the same field that stir controversy. And while bare-backing is taboo in the gay porn world, it’s the norm for straight shoots – yet, despite this, many key players in the porn industry still regard HIV as a ‘gay disease’, and bisexual performers like Wolf run the risk of being blacklisted.


Despite the hypocrisy he lives with every day, Wolf’s worked hard to gain respect for his choice to work in not only straight and gay porn, but transgender skin flicks. “People think you can’t lie if you’re having an erection,” he smiles. “But you have to do what you have to do. I prepare in the same way whether it’s a man or woman – I think of a past experience that was really hot and awesome, and that gets me through.”

In the future, Wolf wants to start his own studio, and take a broad-minded approach to the business of sex on screen. “A studio with no barriers that just hires sexy people with something new to bring to the table, that’s what I want,” he says. “I want to make my mark on this industry.”



Former solider, now taking one for both sides


- Ripped: No Pain All Gain
- Barebacking Fuck Buddies 5
- In Muscle Fucking Heaven
- Rumper Room

John Magnum is about to embark on his biggest project yet – a James Bond-style action-adventure web series with stunts, gun fights… and bumming. “It’s going to be a game-changer for the industry,” he says. “In a Bond movie, the hero and the girl will start to strip and then the camera will fade out. We’re just gonna flow right into the sex!”

John spent a decade in the US army, and then, while living in Las Vegas, he got spotted on MySpace by a porn talent scout. “Now I’ve got 2,000 followers on Twitter,” he smiles. “I’m no Kim Kardashian, but that’s more people than the population of my home town in Alabama.”

One upcoming scene John’s excited about will be set in a gay leather bar, and will feature his former Army Commander as the owner. “He’s a big, strapping, masculine guy – you wouldn’t think he was gay – but he’s definitely gay and loves leather!”, says John.

To build a buzz for the film, John’s releasing an ad campaign with the slogan, ‘Celebrate Your Sexuality With John Magnum’. He doesn’t see himself as bi, taking a more philosophical stance: “As far as my sexuality goes, I live in the moment. I enjoy beautiful people.”


John does gay, straight, bisexual and transgender porn, but does draw a line. “I won’t floss at work,” he says – that is, he won’t rim a guy with a hairy arsehole. Otherwise, he’s up for anything. “Well, anything normal,” John adds. He’s usually a top, only occasionally bottoming, but is still hoping to hold back some surprises for his fans.

“Male porn stars don’t have many opportunities to evolve,” he says. “Girls can start as a skinny white chick doing solo, then move on to lesbian stuff, then just blow-jobs, then start actually fucking, and then put some weight on their butt to get more of a porn-girl body and start doing anal, then double penetration – and then they burn out with a gangbang. But they can come back later as a MILF and repeat the process. Men have only a quarter of those options.”

Now John has set his sights on fixing what he views as a “broken” business model. “This is a billion-dollar industry, but it’s the cable TV companies that get the money,” he moans. “We’re putting ourselves out there, butt-ass naked, in intimate moments for maybe a thousand bucks. Who’s doing the most work here?”

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John Magnum

John Magnum

Jeremy Bilding

Jeremy Bilding

Wolf Hudson and Coco Ono Velvett

Wolf Hudson and Coco Ono Velvett

Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson and Coco Ono Velvett


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