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Fetish: Interviews

Grandma Libby Ellis
Wham! Bam! Thank you, gran!

Exclusive pictures and interview with Britain's most popular granny porn star, 74-year-old Grandma Libby Ellis...

granny fetish

JOLLY GRADMA LIBBY ELLIS IS DEVOURING a sumptuous chocolate éclair when her eyes light up with rampant delight.

“It’s hard to eat these without forgetting what I normally use them for,” she giggles, as fresh, thick cream sloshes around her mouth. “Actually, butternut squashes are good, too. Once, we were in a supermarket in Barbados, and three of us were rummaging through the squashes, saying ‘Oh no, that’s too big. That’s too round. That’s not big enough.’ Oh my days, folk gave us so many puzzled looks!”

If it hasn’t clicked yet, dear old Grandma Libby is talking about using chow for sexual gratification. At 74 years young, she’s one of Britain’s most popular OAP adult entertainers. Her websites have tens of thousands of members, and she stars in films – regularly shown on TVX – which feature her doing everything from foot-fetish scenes, to humping young studs and getting lewd with food.

At the moment, she’s pouting for Bizarre’s photographer, serving up a platter of sugary delights. She looks like many other sweet grandmothers, but with one resounding difference: she’s standing in the nude, wearing a strap-on.

There’s a breeze creeping through an open window, and we ask Libby if she’s cold. “Oh no, I don’t feel the cold,” she says. “Last winter, I did an outdoor shoot in the snow, and rubbed the icy powder all over my body. It was quite erotic!”


Grandma Libby fell into porn on an impulse. After being forced to retire from her cosy job in IT, she felt as though she’d been “chucked onto the scrapheap” and decided to do something “completely outrageous” in revolt.

Filled with rage, Libby hit upon the idea of doing a photoshoot for top-shelf mag 50 And Over. She only meant to make a one-off appearance, but had such a great time that the “wonderful people involved” convinced her to shoot a scene for a four-part series shown on TVX, called Mature Mamma Meltdown.

Libby had never watched a porno before – although her ex-husband used to flog foreign grot flicks that he’d recorded from satellite TV – and before doing her debut she was so scared and embarrassed that she thought she’d walk out. But when Libby began to fuck her 28-year-old co-performer, she loved it. “I felt liberated,” she says. “That’s why I call myself Libby; it’s short for Liberty.”

Pensioner porn is a popular niche in the filth biz, and Libby joined the amateur porn network Adult Coalition, with her website Grandmalibby.com. Within two weeks of the site going live, it was in the network’s top 10 in terms of membership.

But even though Libby has now been in the game for nine years, she still finds it remarkable that so many men toss off over her naked pictures and X-rated vids, and confesses to having hang-ups about her body. “My 42DD breasts and my big arse are OK, but I loathe my belly,” she says. “Yet some people adore it and want me to jiggle my tum and wobble my boobs.”

Libby can’t explain why granny porn is so popular, and says that guys don’t talk about it. “It’s more acceptable for an old guy to be with a younger woman,” she points out. “Society perceives young to be beautiful and people can’t understand why a man would find older women sexually attractive. But men do, they just won’t admit it, because they’re scared of being laughed at. I guess I must also be a role model for older women who still want to have sex!”


Despite lacking stamina and being unable to hold elaborate positions, Grandma Libby’s health remains in tip-top condition. Her libido has rocketed with age, she doesn’t suffer from arthritis of the hips or vaginal dryness, and she gets regular check-ups from her local GUM sexual health clinic.

But Libby has had a few near-death experiences. For one of her favourite films, Super Marino’s Anal Away Days, Volume 22: Road Trip to Newport, she was nearly rogered off a first-floor balcony in a lap-dancing club.

“We were on a sofa with a huge drop behind it, and I was hanging on to a brass rail for dear life,” Libby squeals. “A 21-year-old was fucking me, and he kept pushing me further back with every thrust. I was thinking ‘Oh my God, this is going to be front-page on the News Of The World: ‘Granny Porn Star Plummets To Death In Gentleman’s Club.’ Luckily, the guy realised in the nick in time.”

Then there was an incident on the set of a girl-on-girl splosh flick called Naked Chefs. “I was lying on a stainless steel work unit in the middle of a kitchen, being smothered in baked beans, spaghetti, golden syrup and trifle,” Libby recalls. “My female companion climbed on top of me with a cucumber, but the work top became so slippery that I slid off and crashed onto the floor. I had concussion and was bruised, but I refused to go to hospital. Can you imagine trying to explain that one to the nurses? That scene stayed in the film, but I’ve yet to see it!”


Kind, bubbly, and with a permanent grin etched across her wizened chops, it’s no surprise that Grandma Libby is a caring grandmother in real life, and she has a sizeable brood of doting children and grandchildren. But frustratingly, Libby’s family found out about her career when a “kind so and so” dished the dirt via Facebook.

“Being outed in that way was devastating,” Libby says. “Fortunately, my family took the view that my private life is none of their business. I’m perfectly normal in my day-to-day life, and I love shopping and swimming with my grandchildren, although I always wear a one-piece swimsuit when I’m with them!”

Libby delved into porn several years after the break-up of her marriage, but now has an understanding man in her life. “He lives in Barbados and we spend several months a year together, drinking cocktails on the beach,” grins Libby. “I told him about what I did before our relationship developed, and he was a bit shocked. But he accepted that it was work and didn’t interfere. He asked whether I have sex with men on camera, and I was honest. He hasn’t mentioned it since.”

However, Libby’s ex-husband jumped up and down when he discovered her secret. “Someone at his work printed out a photo of me sucking a huge black dick,” she says. “My ex immediately told his friend ‘nah, that’s not her’, then secretly rang me to yell, ‘I knew it was you, I recognised the settee!’”


Most of Grandma Libby’s web and video content is straight, and involves solo play with dildos and food, a lot of fucking, and some ‘girl-on-girl’ scenes, although Libby confesses she’s not bi, just “a good actress”.

But left to her own devices, Libby’s into oral sex. “I love cock in my mouth,” she confesses. “I like to play with a man’s nipples – to lick them, suck them and nibble on them – and to play with his penis. But then I like the man to reciprocate and do those things to me.”

Grandma Libby is also a fan of kinky foot frolics, and regularly caters for her army of foot sluts. “Oooooh, I love the foot fetish,” she coos. “Most of the guys who are into it are great at it, too. Having a foot massage and getting my toes sucked is sensuous and relaxing. I’ve also given guys foot-wanks in films.”

But when it comes to fetishes, Grandma Libby shakes her head. “I get some horrible requests from fans – things that make me go eeeeurrgh!” she reveals. “I’m post-menopausal, but one guy wanted to see me inserting tampons and pulling them out. Even if I was younger, I’d find that gross. I can understand watersports – warm water can be erotic, so I suppose pee could be too – but I don’t understand guys who are into scat. I’ve had requests for it, but no way!”


But overall, Grandma Libby thinks her job is the happiest chapter of her working life. The only downside to her career is being frightened that the papers will expose her, and worrying about being contacted by presumptuous pervs. Some men think she lives for sex, and ring her up to say, ‘I want to bang you all night long’.

“I just tell them to fuck off,” laughs Libby. “They don’t bother me after that!”

As for Libby’s ambitions, she wants to continue working in the adult entertainment business for as long as she’s wanted and her health holds up. “I love the industry,” she purrs. “The media portrays it as a sleazy business, but it’s nothing like that.”

And then, whipping a carrot off the table with a sordid wink, she says. “Plus, as well as keeping me fit, I guess it also helps with my five-a-day. And that can’t be a bad thing now, can it?” Slice of butternut squash, anyone?

FORE MORE:  GrandmaLibby.com and LibbyellisUK.com


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