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Resident Evil 6

Zombie splattering horror, big showdowns and nervy old skool thrills. Resident Evil 6 has a big chunk of everything. Full review!

Resident Evil 6

Out Now for PS3 and Xbox 360

Whether you're a fan of the slow-burning zombie horror and enjoy rationing ammo while being jumped by some flesh-less critter lumbering round in the dark; or your post-MTV senses aren't satisfied unless feasting on all-out gun-totin' showdowns of raw, untold carnage, the sixth edition of the legendary horror series has made a valiant attempt to combine the best of both worlds.

Each level has its own distinct style, ranging from skin-crawling survival horror to scenes where you mow down the undead hordes with an arsenal of natty firepower. Split into three standalone scenarios, the core storytelling riffs on real-life concerns about a future bioterrorist attack, giving you a truly global plot that switches from the US of A to the fictional Chinese city of Lanshiang.

But it's not just a pumped single-player and co-op experience. Uniquely, playing the game online has an ingenious social aspect, where you're offered the chance to hook-up with other four-character teams at special crossover points, where two storylines interact. Overall, this feels like a very complete Resi Evil offering.


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