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Film and Music: Interviews

Nikki Sixx

The Mötley Crüe legend attempts his most daring feat yet - tackling Bizarre's deadly 13 questions! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Nikki Sixx

Nikki's book, This Is Gonna Hurt, is published by Harper Collins, priced £19.99. The accompanying Sixx:A.M. album is out now. See www.Nikkisixx.net

You know you’re achingly cool when you can sport a goatee that looks like a lady’s low-down landing strip, and still manage to pull blisteringly-hot chicks like our cover star Kat Von D, The Runaways’ Lita Ford, and several Playboy Playmates. Of course, it helps if you’re the co-founder and bassist of Mötley Crüe...


1) You have your own recording and photography studios called The Funny Farm. We gather that the interior decoration there isn’t exactly minimalist…

Ha! No. The thing that disturbs most people is the human heads I have lying around. But shit, we all die at some point, right? They’re not just sitting in a box; they’re getting to enjoy my insane life. The best one is a medical skull from the 1800s, which I bought on eBay and nicknamed Maurice. He’s got a hinge fitted, so you can open up the top of his head like a box, and I keep my petty cash inside him.

During a photography shoot, I’ll often ask my assistant, “Hey, can you grab some money from Maurice and go pick up a pizza?” She hates it… hates it! She has to go over and unhinge the brain, take out the coins, and then put the change back in.

2) Maurice has a lot of taxidermied friends to keep him company, doesn’t he?

He does, including a dik-dik, which is a little (antelope-esque) animal from Africa. He’s called ‘Fick Dich’, which is ‘fuck you’ in German, right? A lot of my taxidermied animals have tiny blindfolds on.

3) You dated Kat Von D from 2008-2010, and she inked your portrait of Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars. Did you let her poke you anywhere else, and did you poke her back?

I think I tattooed ‘I love you’ on her shoulder or something. She’s since covered it – smart girl! Kat’s tattooed portraits of my kids on my leg, and on my ribcage she inked an image of one of the best photos I’ve ever taken, of a graveyard in Milan. It hurt like hell!

She’s a fucking talented artist, and at the time it was cool that she tattooed me, but I’m past that now – I’m in a new relationship, a new spot in my life. I’ve been through a lot, and my affair with Kat is a tiny part of my 52 years on the planet. But it is a part...

4) What’s your favourite bit of body art?

The portraits of my kids. I find it hard leaving my children when I’m on tour, so it’s nice to keep them with me via a tatt. It’s better than a picture in a wallet, because I could lose my wallet but I can’t lose my leg... well, not so easily!

5) Do your kids like the fact that their faces are permanently grinning from your limb?

I think so, but they don’t pay much attention to their pa. I’m just ‘Dad’ to them, you know? I had dinner with Jack Osbourne recently, and he was saying, ‘Dad this’, and ‘Dad that’, and it was funny to hear, because I was thinking, “Man, your dad is Ozzy!” But not to him. I was actually with Ozzy the day Jack was born, because Mötley was on tour with him.

6) Do you see the ol’ bat-muncher much these days?

Yeah, we’re neighbours! Ozzy loves his telly, so I often go round and watch the Military Channel with him, or we fall asleep on the couch to Animal Planet. Sharon always says to me, “Don’t tell anyone that! They’ll think me and Ozzy are boring!” My reply is, “Well, it’s true. You’ve had such an exciting life that I reckon a little boredom is welcome.”

7) In your latest photography book, This Is Gonna Hurt, you write: “When I’m away from the band, I spend more time laughing than anyone I know.” Amuse us, funny guy!

I’m not a joke-teller, but I’m always getting into comical situations. Recently I went to Paris for the weekend with my girlfriend, and our taxi driver supposedly knew everything about the city, but he couldn’t find anything.

We were starving to death, so he tried to take us to the nicest restaurant, overlooking the Eiffel Tower… but it’d been torn down. We tried to buy paninis instead, but we didn’t have any Euros, only cards, so they turned us away. Next, the cab was accosted by 20 soldiers with machine guns, for no reason.

Finally, we went to a bakery and waited an hour to get six pastries. To be nice, I asked the driver, ‘Do you want one?’ ‘Absolutely!’ he said, and took the whole box! Maybe that’d piss some people off, but I thought it was hilarious!

8) In the book, you also write about finding beauty in ugly things. What’s the most stunning thing you’ve ever seen?

The birth of my children. Have you seen a baby being born? It’s life-changing. I’ve also witnessed the other extreme of people dying. They’re both beautiful moments. For me, beauty is about being completely open to experiencing everything and taking it all in.

9) Tell us more about the planned film version of Mötley Crüe’s book, The Dirt. It seems to have been in the pipeline for yonks…

It’s going to happen, but we don’t have any actors in mind. We can’t use just anybody to play four individuals that are so different and unique. We’ve all made a million jokes about it – we always say Brad Pitt is going to play us!

10) Russell Brand has stated that he’d love to play you…

I saw that! I thought that was great, because I love that guy. But we have to consider what’s best for the movie.

11) Would you exchange tips with him on how to give your hair more volume than Spinal Tap’s amps?

I think I could teach him a thing or two – I’ve been at it a little longer. But he could tell a better gag.

12) Have you got any sage words for Bizarre readers? Your bandmate Tommy Lee advised them: ‘May All Your Ups And Downs Be In Bed’.

God, is he still using that? Can’t he think of a better line? I’ll go with ‘Don’t Let The Losers Win.’ And ‘Consider The Source’.

UNLUCKY 13) In The Heroin Diaries, you wrote you were so desperate to get high that you injected heroin into your cock. What does that feel like?

When you’re in the midst of addiction, you do crazy shit. Look at Robert Downey Jr, or Charlie Sheen right now – addiction is intense. I can’t remember what injecting my dick felt like, but it made sense at the time – a vein is a vein when you want to get high. It’s a good vein, by the way – it’s a main vein! In case you’re wondering, my junk still works just fine! If it was 1987, I’d ask if you wanted to find out, baby!

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