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Nude Suits!

Love having skin on show? Then bear all with these brilliant nude suits!

nude suits

You'd be hard pushed to find this new range of leftfield fashion wear in your local Burton or Topshop, but seriously, for designer Matthew Glover, his nude suits look rather dandy...

I wish these nude suits were real more than I wish Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, JT Leroy, Batman and Jesus were real, but sadly they’re not. Yep, they’re actually the work of reality’s old foe digital trickery. I know. For all the good it does making people look slimmer and less freckly, it sometimes comes back and bites you on the ass like this. Still, we decided to include them here because we couldn’t make up our mind if we love them or if they terrify us is some primal way that we can’t really express.

They were created by a guy called Matthew Glover, who we emailed asking about his nude suits and wanting to know where we could buy a couple for a christening that we don’t really want to go to but have to.

“The suits were made by digitally laying their skin over the clothes they initially wore, so they don’t actually exist,” he explained while probably resisting the urge to add, “you moron.” “First I take one picture clothed, then one nude in as close to the same position as possible, then one nude front, side and back, relaxed, to use as filler pieces. They are their own skin, taken moments after the clothed issue, so they are anatomically correct. Then, in Photoshop, I start with the clothed image, and panel by panel build up the suit.”

The suits were inspired by the artists Alba d’Urbano, who did a performance piece where she made a dress that looked exactly like her own skin and offered it for people entering the gallery to wear, and Greg Friedler, who took pictures of subjects both clothed and nude.

“The premise of the piece is to show the subject as they are, in a place comfortable to them,” explains Glover. “Some are nudists, and some are friends of mine. My goal is to have images from all walks of life in a variety of settings.” And they get a mixed reaction. “The first person to see thought it was kind of creepy,” admits Matt. “But I get a variety
of responses about them from ‘weird’ to ‘cool’ to ‘hilarious’.”

If you want to check out more of Matt’s work, visit the website Themightysven.carbonmade.com. If you want to get in contact with him, he can be reached at Matthewcglover@gmail.com

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nude suits
  nude suits
  nude suits


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