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Vagina Statues

Brighton artist offers internal vaginal mould statues.

internal vagina sculpture

Jamie McCartney is the only artist in the world to offer an internal pussy casting service. A Brighton-based artist with a background making props for feature films, he initially spoke to a doctor who’d been making vaginal moulds as part of her research into ethnic differences in genital structure, then used his knowledge of sculpture (and a willing girlfriend) to refine the technique and create 3D casts that reveal the mysteries of a woman’s love tunnel.

“The process is a secret, but involves the same material dentists use to cast teeth,” Jamie told Bizarre. “It’s a goo which sets into rubber in a few minutes. As for how I get it in and out of the vagina – well, you’ll have to use your imagination, but it isn’t rocket science! To get a good result it’s important the model is relaxed and feeling sexy, so she’ll need to spend time alone or with her partner, ‘preparing’.”

But how does this cervical service feel? “Many of my clients get turned on,” Jamie says. “I use a measured amount of moulding material so there’ll be no problems removing it, but one woman wanted me to just keep pouring it in until she was bursting. ‘Don’t worry about retrieving it’, she told me, ‘I’ve had three kids’. And she was right – one squeeze and the cast slipped out like a bar of soap. We got an amazing result, though – it looked like a weird sea creature. It’s a real eye opener to see how large a vagina can expand. I tell you, boys, it makes your cock seem ridiculous!”

The most complicated part is transforming the cast into a polished acrylic or glass bust, but “the highly aesthetic yet seriously curious results make it all worthwhile”, Jamie says. The Kinsey Institute for
sex research in the USA has one of the pieces in its permanent collection, and another was on display as part of a G-spot demonstration at London’s Amora sex museum.

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internal vagina sculpture
  jamie mccartney

Artist Jamie McCartney with another piece of his art

jamie mccartney vagina sculpture


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