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April Flores Sex Toy!

Voluptuous Bizarre cover girl and sexy plus-sized porn star launches sexy replica!

april flores sex toy pics

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Love to perv over curves? Prefer to get jiggy with someone who jiggles? Then get ready to hear the biggest news of the year! Buxom Bizarre cover star, adult actress and muse to lowbrow artist Coop, April ‘Fatty D’ Flores, is about to release her own fully penetrable Voluptuous Pussy – the world’s first realistic plus-size sex toy.

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The model is an exact replica of April’s own cookie, and will be made from CyberSkin, a material which warms to body temperature and closely mimics the softness and malleability of human flesh. Buyers will also receive a DVD that they can play while using the toy, featuring footage shot from the point of view of April’s lover.

It’s designed to make fans feel as though they’re enjoying sexy times with Fatty D herself. “The film is interactive, so people will be able to choose different sexual positions and locations,” enthuses April during an exclusive Bizarre interview.

“They’ll be able to make love to me in a car, on the beach – and since the doll’s waterproof, there’s always the option of getting bubbly in the bathroom.” April shower, anyone?

For Flores fanatics who want to make their experience even more believable, April has some tips. “I love fishnet undies, and wear fruity scents,” she says, “so dressing my ‘stunt pussy’ in a pretty pair of panties and spritzing her with anything that smells of strawberry or candy would make her even more like me. Otherwise, she fully resembles me. When I first got her home I studied her for a long time – because I’ve never seen myself that closely from a straight-on angle, and there’s not a thing I would change.

“I want people to treasure my coochie, dress her in lingerie… and send me photos! I also think it’d be great if people kept her in the box and displayed her proudly like a collector’s item, too.”

Porn director husband Carlos Batts approves of his wife’s replica vagina. “Carlos loves her. He’s been planning a threesome with me and the toy, but I’m not so sure,” April muses. “I’ll watch him fuck it, which’ll be a turn on, but I don’t plan on joining in. I admit I’m vain – but damn, having sex with myself takes vanity to a whole new level!”

Topco, the company who’ll make the Voluptuous Pussy, took casts of April’s belly and undercarriage to help them build a precise mould. They also cast her ass and face with a view to making more toys in the future. “First, they prepped my skin with a Vaseline-type cream,” says April. “Then they poured on a blue, creamy moulding liquid, which was really warm and felt great. Finally, strips of cloth were laid on, and once this concoction hardened, they carefully removed the moulds to reveal my body’s negative.

I freaked out when they cast my face! I was doing great at first, but it became unbearable once all the layers were applied. Feeling the weight of the materials on my head, not being able to move and having only two small nose holes to breathe through was too much for me. I had to keep repeating ‘I’m being immortalised!’ in my head to calm down!

“I’d been drinking the previous night, and when I’m hungover I usually need to poop. So before the moulding process began, I used the bathroom. I was sure to wipe and clean myself really well. After they cast my ass, one of the technicians showed me the completed piece. To my shock and horror, the tip of the part that was over my asshole was brown! A chocolate starfish was staring right back at me.

I was mortified! It was because some of the blue moulding liquid had actually entered my ass – I do wipe properly, I swear!” Come on now, April – stop making an arse of yourself.

April Flores’ Voluptuous CyberSkin Pussy costs 5 (£180) + (£40) shipping, from Fattyd.com. Will you buy April’s pussy? Let
us know: Bizarre@dennis.co.uk

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